President William Ruto serving food to Mukarara Primary School in Dagoreti South Constituency. Source: President William Ruto (Twitter).

The County Government of Siaya has launched a school feeding program targeting 17 public schools in South Uyoma Ward in Rarieda Sub County.

The feeding program is funded by the County Government of Siaya at a cost of 2.2 million, drawn from the County’s supplementary budget and will incorporate 1,400 pupils in the area.

The program aims to support pupils from humble families who often go without meals, enabling them to concentrate more on their classwork.

Michael Adela, who is the area MCA for South Uyoma Ward, reiterated that the feeding program will promote a stronger foundation of academics in the early childhood development education (ECDE) sector.

The MCA noted that the implementation of the program is to encourage more learners to join public schools that have not been under the feeding program.

“The program is not tailored to counter private schools, but rather to ensure a uniform and level ground for all ECDE learners who need more attention,” he said.

Adiela emphasized that the program is backed with data from all the schools around the ward, which will be key during the distribution of free food to the schools.

The implementation of this program reflects the free milk program in public schools by the second president of Kenya, Daniel Arap Moi, which aimed at promoting school enrollment.

Siaya County’s launch of the primary school feeding program is a commendable initiative that will go a long way in supporting pupils from humble backgrounds.

Adiela applauded the County Government of Siaya for its efforts in ensuring that all learners have access to quality education.

Revival of the program?

Siaya County has joined other counties that have launched this program to ensure that learners are kept in school as a fulfilment of Governor Orengo during his campaign period.

With the launch of the program in several counties, it could mean a revival of feeding programs for learners as during former president Moi’s regime.

Consequently, the president while attending a function at Mukarara Primary School in Dagoreti South, reiterated that “no child should be at home because of lack of food”.

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