Police parade sacks of bhang nabbed in Busia over the weekend. PHOTO:OKONG’O ODUYA

Police in Busia impounded more than 600 kilograms of cannabis sativa with a street value of sh18 million that was on its way to Nairobi on Monday evening.

Busia county police commander Mr Maxwell Nyaema noted that police manning a roadblock at Suo along Busia- Kisumu road stopped a hearse branded Rafiki Funeral Home on its way to Kisumu.

“The vehicle branded Rafiki Funeral home on its way to Kisumu was stopped by police officers at Suo roadblock and when police wanted to know what it was carrying, the driver told them he had brought the body from Nairobi and it was going back carrying people’s luggage but upon searching they discovered it was carrying 16 sacks of cannabis sativa.”

Busia county police commander Mr Maxwell Nyaema
Part of the haul that was nabbed by police. The bhang were stashed in a hearse. PHOTO:OKONG’O ODUYA

The commander noted that the driver, Mr Hussein Otita, was arrested, and the motor vehicle registration number KCV 402Y was escorted to Busia police station waiting to be arraigned in court after the investigation.

“The driver Mr Hussein Otita was arrested and taken to police custody with the illegal item he was transporting and he will be taken to court for charges upon completing investigations.” He clarified

According to him, the bhang passed into the country from Uganda using the porous border points in Busia town.

“Upon interrogation, the driver noted that he had brought the body to Mumias before someone told him to come to Busia to ferry certain goods to Nairobi. He told police that the bhang was transported to Busia using motorbikes and bicycles from Uganda,” said the county commandant.

He added, “We will make sure that we seal all loopholes along the border that allow the bhang to access the country from Uganda.”


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