Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has predicted his victory come 2027 presidential polls saying that Ruto will be punished for forcing Kenyans with taxes.

While addressing the public in Kehancha grounds in Kuria West, Kalonzo criticized the government for forcing the controversial 1.5% housing levy on Kenyans.

“We shall at any cost, oppose the controversial housing levy which is being pushed by the government despite the judiciary declaring it illegal,” said Kalonzo.

The Azimio la Umoja- One Kenya party leader said that Kenya Kwanza made a big mistake by introducing the levy on top of the already biting economy.

He said that despite Kenyans standing against the proposed bill, the government has decided to use force.

He referred to a case in Bomet where some individuals have been arrested for allegedly opposing the levy.

“The government has already decided to force Kenyans into accepting the illegal housing levy,” he said.

He said that Kenya is a democratic country and that nobody should be arrested for speaking his mind out.

He further promised to partner with like minded leaders to ensure that the arrested individuals are set free.

“Together with my fellow and able brothers, we shall follow every legal process to ensure that the arrested individuals are set free,” said Wiper party leader.

While at it, Kalonzo also whipped the Kurian community to start registering as Members of the Wiper party which he said will form the next government after 2027.

“I want to assure you that it is this housing levy that shall take Kenya Kwanza home. I therefore, urge you to register as Wiper party members as we prepare to form a government of inclusivity after 2027, he stressed.

He wondered how the Kenya Kwanza government is running its administration where every department is running debts.

The party leader referred to the learning institutions which he said are about to close for Easter holidays yet suppliers haven’t been paid because of delayed capitation.

He pleaded with the community to support him as he gears up to take the mantle from Raila Odinga who is now eyeing the African Union Commission (AUC) leadership role.

Kalonzo also said that he is up to the task of putting the government on check, a role that Raila Odinga has been known for since time immemorial.

“I want to assure you that I have assessed every option and I believe that I am up to the task ahead,” he said.

Kalonzo also commissioned the Wiper office in the area, after which he guided them on the registration process.

Kalonzo also said that when the time comes, unlike Ruto, he will lower the high taxes which he said are making Kenyans to experience an excruciating economy.

While referring to president Ruto as the Biblical Zacheous who was known for collecting taxes, he said that the taxing spree has to end for Kenyans to live affordably.

“And to president Ruto, just like Zacheous who changed his old ways, you must put to end, the tax collection spree which have been highly rated, he said.

He furthered his criticism by calling out the government for failure to roll out internship program to medics, a situation which has stirred a nationwide demonstrations among the health practitioners.

“It takes so much time and resources for one to become a doctor and they need to be heard for crying out loud,” he added.

Kalonzo who sided with the doctors’ strike said that the government collects so much revenue that it shouldn’t take it long to settle out their needs.

He also criticized the proposed E-citizen payment method for the government sevices saying that it is a cash cow aimed at directing the tax payers’ money to personal account.

His words were echoed by his Azimio co-principal from Democratic Action Party (DAP-K), Eugene Wamalwa who also rooted for the Wiper Party recruitment process.

The event was also attended by Bobasi legislator Innocent Obiro, former Boranu MP Ben Momanyi, Kitui Woman representative Irene Kasalu among other dignitaries.