Forty eighty (48) prisoners in Kilifi prison are exercising their democratic right to vote within the prison premises.

Officer in charge of the prison Safari Charo said the registered inmates have been given their democratic right to elect for president of their choice.

Charo said the 48 prisoners registered as voters are 30% of the total number which is more than 160 prisoners in the whole institution.

He said the exercise was delayed and started at 8.30am as the inmates have to undergo counting and other prison requirements.

He said those persons who had been registered at the prison and later released on bond are also allowed to come in and vote so that they can practice their constitutional rights.

The prison’s polling station presiding officer Hawaa Ibrahim confirmed that the exercise commenced at 8.30am after following all the institution’s protocol and revealed that the media is not allowed to do coverage of the voting process.

However, due to the premise’s protocals, the media was denied access to film the ongoing exercise.


By Treeza Auma

Treeza Auma is a Digital Content Producer and founder of KTMN She is also Television journalist at Kenya News Agency and Leadership Accelerator at Women in News.

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