The residents in Migori town have today brought transport and business services to stand still as they staged anti-government demos.

The demonstrations have been staged following a call from the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya coalition party Raila Odinga who visited the county on 10th, March 2023, barely a week a go.

“We are demonstrating to be in solidarity with our brothers from other regions, a struggle to restore affordable cost of living in Kenya”, Mr. Maneno said.

Raila who was accompanied by other party leaders swore to proceed with the demos and urged the supporters countrywide to follow suit in order to restore the high prices of commodities and cost of living back to normal.

Migori town follows Kisumu City that staged the same demos to pressure the government into lowering the cost of life. 

While Raila called for peaceful demonstrations,  part of the citizens demonstrating have forced the businessmen and transport providers to close business terming it as being in solidarity to lower the prices of fuel and other commodities.

The demonstrations in Migori town marks the second phase of the anti government demos following a call from governor Ochilo Ayacko who urged the residents to hold on to allow the success of the Lake Region Economic Bloc Summit held in the county between 14th, March 2023 to 16th, March, 2023.

Part of the residents have said that this is just but a rehearsal ahead of the climax of the demonstrations intended to hold the statehouse hostage on 20th, March, 2023.

“We have given the president time enough to accomplish his promises within the first 100 days in office but that seems like a lullaby to him,” said Mr. Onyango, a resident in Migori town 

Parents on the other hand have shown worries for their school going children as they also complain of the alleged crapping off of the capitation fees, a move that will only leave education for the students from a well off families.

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