Elders from Suba Council have called on President William Ruto to pay development visit to Suna East and Suna West constituencies straddling Migori town despite legislators giving his tours a wide berth.

Suba Council of Elders chairman Riogi Riogi during a press conference said it was unfortunate that since last elections the president has visited Migori thrice in all instances the two constituencies have been left out.

In last visit earlier this month, out of eight constituencies in the county Ruto skipped Suna East and Suna West constituencies which are along the busy Kisii-Isebania highway and visited others.

He was in Rongo, Awendo, Uriri before flying over the two constituencies before heading to nearby Kuria West and Kuria East constituencies.

This was also the same during his previous visit on March 25.

“We have been left looking up at the sky as Ruto’s choppers fly over Migori town which is the county headquarters and our two constituencies, we have been looking other areas receive development while we are starved,” Riogi said.

Riogi said as elders from the Suna community and Suba tribe which cuts across the two constituencies, they have extended and invitation to the president to make a stop over.

“We have leaders we have elected in the ODM party and they have frustrated attempts for presidential meeting, we are making this call as elders, as tax payers and voters who are seeking their right to access development,” Riogi said.

Riogi and the council’s secretary Okumu Ngwala and elder Johannes Kionge said they are aware the region legislators may be having hard stance at national politics against the president, but challenged the two to seek Ruto to tour the area.

Suna East MP Junet Mohammed and Suna West MP Peter Masara, both elected on ODM ticket and close allies of opposition leader Raila Odinga.

They have in past castigated ODM and opposition leaders who have been in State House to seek development among them Uriri MP Mark Nyamita and his Rongo counterpart Paul Abuor who have hosted Ruto.

“Our call is above politics, both our legislators and the president are from the national level, they should work together for the visit of Ruto and this is not a political statement but a call that our region risks being left behind in development,” Okumu said.

Suna East politician Elijah Odhiambo said during last year elections, attempts by Ruto to access Migori town during campaigns was prevented by fears which has surrounded by local ODM fears same problem which has stalled any meetings.

“But elders and local leaders from the two constituencies have already mapped several development agenda which we need to push through because until next general elections we should work with all elected leaders,” Odhiambo said.

He said they have been calling for the tarmacking of Kababu-Piny Oyie-Kopanga road which opens to Piny Oyie center which is Suna West constituency headquarters and connects to Tanzania at Kopanga crossing.

The group also requested for the road from Ngochoni to Piny Oyie which connected with Kuria West constituency opened as it has been tarmacked to the border between two constituencies.

“The two constituencies also do not have any technical institute which is functional while government has been equipping those in our neighbouring constituencies,” Odhiambo added.

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