Police in Mabera, Kuria West Sub County in Migori County have nabbed 750 litres of suspected ethanol used to brew chang’aa (an illicit brew) in the area.

Three gallons each 250 litres were collected after the raid conducted by the Maber security team led by Mabera DCC Joyphila Wambua.

Speaking via a phone call, Wambua stated that they followed a lead given by the locals who were concerned following the deaths resulting from illicit alcohol consumption in the area.

The illegal brew victims

The raid which led to the nabbing of the illicit brew is a result of an investigation following the death of four local residents who consumed the poisoned alcohol while leaving eight others battling for their lives.

This was confirmed by the Kuria West Sub County police commander Cleti Kimaiyo who said that the survivors were taken to Migori County Referral Hospital.

This happened in Kubweye village in the Sub County where preparations for the send-off for the victims are underway, leaving the residents in shock.

During the raid, at least 9 people have been confirmed dead following the consumption of the poisoned alcohol.

The DCC alluded that they suspect the nabbed ethanol is connected to the death of over ten people resulting from alcohol consumption in Mabera Sub County.

The nabbed litres of ethanol are in the custody of the police, and Mabera DCC offices pending government chemist confirmation and further investigations.

Condoling the bereaved

Governor Ochilo Aycko has also criticised the sale of unprocessed alcohol which has become rampant in the area.

Ochilo noted that it is sad to lose voters to unprocessed alcohol which can be permanently dealt with by the police.

“As I stand here, I am a sad man because I have lost voters to the illicit alcohol which is sold against the provisions of the law in this area,” said Ochilo.

He directed the County Chief Executive Committee Member for Environment and Calamities, Rahab Rhobi to visit the bereaved families and find recommendations to help prevent further such happenings.

“As my administration comes to terms with this tragedy, I want to ask Waziri Rahab Rhobi to make a visit to the bereaved and find ways of preventing such occurrences.

The usual trend

The residents have also blamed the local administration for their sluggish way of handling illicit brew which they say has been a major cause of loss to the community.

The local residents whose names remain anonymous due to security purposes say that the brewing dens are sources of police income hence the reluctance by the police to end the menace.

“The police obviously know the brewers who have been their alternative source of income, no wonder they are reluctant to permanently end this dirty game,” complained one of the residents.

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