Traffic has been disrupted after hundreds of angry residents blocked the Kaloleni- Mariakani road protesting over dilapidated condition of the road that has allegedly caused huge losses in businesses.

Majority of the irate residents are over 1000 Kilifi business community members who decry millions of losses caused by the poor road.

The protestors barricaded the road with massive logs and stones saying if the road is not constructed within seven days, they will block the Mombasa-Nairobi highway as well.

They took issue with the leadership in the region saying the construction project of the 2.5km road was started but has been delayed due to irresponsible leaders.

They said the road is worse than it was before the delayed project was commenced since they are left to breath dust which has also contributed to property destruction.

They said the roads are impassible due to the dust and its bad state.

Holding the placards, the protestors chanted slogans against Kenya National Highway Authority (KENHA) and the regions’ politicians while saying they are tired being deceived while counting huge losses.

Led by the Kilifi business community representative Edith Nyamai said Mariakani residents are frequently admitted into hospitals due to illnesses caused by dust from the road.

She said despite the residents’ commitment to pay taxes, they have been denied the rights to the infrastructure.

“Aren’t we tax payers? Where do our money go to? After recovering from the COVID 19 pandemic, the government is punishing us with this road. We are asking President Uhuru Kenyatta to investigate and tell us where the allocated money disappeared to,”Nyamai said.

Nashon Murageri urged the president to investigate where the money that was allocated to construct the road has disappeared to.

“We are giving them 7 days to construct tarmac road here. Or else we will block the highway. We are sick, tired and our business are incurring huge losses,”

Moses Ouko alias Omari Mjenzi a business man in Mariakani said he invested in property worth over one Million but has since been destroyed by dust hence a huge loss.

He urged the leaders to stop politisizing the matter saying they have tried seeking for help from the area MP and MCA Frank Fondo Kimosho who instead lock himself inside his office instead of hearing their cries.

Samuel Baya, a boda boda Operator in Mariakani said despite wearing helmets, the dust hinders traffic since the riders can’t see ahead.

He said they will continue blocking the roads until their cries will be heard.

Tony Nyongesa, also a business man, said they were deceived that the road will be constructed by January 2022 but instead was destroyed.

“This is something we should not be begging for. These politicians are taking us for granted and they should know that it is our right,”Nyongesa said.

He said the leaders instead pour water on the road and go missing leaving them with the same condition.

“We don’t want water, we want tarmac. In fact, it is a big shame they even pour sewage water causing more health hazards to us,” he added.

He said the residents want tarmac road constructed as they were promised.

Mariakani ward MCA aspirant through ODM ticket, Martha Koki, said she has tried contacting the contractors whom were supposed to construct the road but her efforts have been shattered.

“I will personally lead protests for seven days until the residents’ demands are met or else we will block the Mombasa-Nairobi highway,” Koki said.

By Treeza Auma

Treeza Auma is a Digital Content Producer and founder of KTMN She is also Television journalist at Kenya News Agency and Leadership Accelerator at Women in News.

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