Players engage in a football tournament organized by Awendo Constituency CDF.PHOTO, POOL

The move by Awendo legislator Walter Owino to unveil a sports tournament ahead of school reopening has received accolades from the electorate.

The sports tournament that encompasses both ball games and other disciplines has elated the constituents with majority terming it a boost in keeping the learners engaged during the August holidays.

Unveiled on August 20 to August 26, the event seeks not only to nurture talents but also to dissuade learners from being idle, a move that has in the past seen majority engage in drug addiction and other unbecoming behaviors.

Awendo MP MP Walter Owino. PHOTO, POOL

Although there were mixed reactions regarding the fete, majority of residents who spoke to KTMN News termed the tournament a major boost in nurturing talents amongst the youth.

“The games scheduled for one week will see the youth shun negative traits during the short holiday. It is equally an eye opener in nurturing young talents across the sporting sphere,”

Mr James Otieno a sports enthusiast
Ladies engage in Netball. PHOTO,POOL

Mr Kepher Ochieng defended the move noting that Constituency Development Funds (CDF) are typically allocated for community development projects and initiatives within a specific constituency.

“While it’s not a common practice for CDF to directly sponsor spotting activities, the usage and allocation of these funds can vary depending on local regulations and priorities. This will go along way in shaping the talents of our youths.”

Kepher Ochieng


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