DAP-K Party leader Eugine Wamalwa and his Roots Party Counterpart Prof. George Wajackoya during a funeral at Nambale in Busia County.PHOTO: OKONG’O ODUYA,KTMN

A section of Azimio la Umoja leadership has condemned utterances made by the deputy president Mr Rigathi Gachagua over the ongoing talks between the Kenya Kwanza government and Azimio la Umoja.

According to DAP-K Party leader Mr Eugine Wamalwa and his Roots Party of Kenya counterpart professor George Wajakoya, Mr Gachaga’s remarks if not tamed may jeopardize peaceful talks that are going on a move that may force them to take another action.

“It is the president who asked Mr Raila Odinga to stop demonstrations and give room for dialogue and we agreed but the kind of utterances from some leaders including Mr Gachagua may paralyse the talks.” He noted

Addressing mourners over the weekend in Nambale Busia County Mr Wamalwa warned Mr Gachagua from disrespecting Mr Odinga adding that, the deputy president should state clearly what he wants, now that he is opposing the demonstration as well as the peaceful dialogue that is going on.

“What is wrong with the deputy president? He does not want us to demonstrate and he also doesn’t want to have peaceful dialogue. Let him come out clearly and state what he wants. Let him be informed that he should stop lecturing Mr Odinga the way he does.”

DAP-K Party leader Eugine Wamalwa

In relation to the day tour the president is having in the Western region, Mr Wamalwa wanted the president to stop hoodwinking Western Kenya by launching projects started by his predecessor, the retired president Uhuru Kenyatta, and instead initiate new projects that will benefit the people of the Western region.

“As a Western region, let us welcome President William Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza government. We just want them to stop relaunching the projects initiated by Mr Uhuru Kenyatta and instead launch new projects to benefit the people of Western.”

He added, “Let him revive sugar factories in Western that are not milling. Closing down the factories is killing the economy of this region. We want to see development not just the PR exercises he has been doing. We want to see new projects in the Western region.”

Mr Wajakoya who accompanied him at the funeral in Nambale dismissed allegations that Mr Odinga was given 10 billion to drop his push for peaceful dialogue and demonstration.

“When we were demonstrating it was annoying Mr Gachagua, We stopped demonstrating and embarked on dialogue, still he is not happy about it. What is his problem? He is claiming that Mr Odinga was given 10 Billion to drop his push for a better life for Kenyans, whoever has evidence let him provide it. Who was there when money was being given and how the money was transacted, and if not let them remain quiet and give the talk its time,” said Mr Wajakoya

“We cannot have a deputy president who is abusing other leaders. The deputy president is next to the president but with a tendency to abuse people daily, let him stop.”

Prof. George Wajakoya


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