Isaack Aluochier, the activist who petitioned against the BBI bill. He has his eyes set on politics as he aims to be elected as an MCA of East Kamagambo Ward in Migori County.

Isaac Aluochier, the Migori man who filed a constitutional petition that stopped the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) reggae has shelled his senatorial ambitions and finally settled on an MCA seat through Justice and Freedom Party.

Back in December 2021, after successfully winning the petition against the BBI, Aluochier threw his hat in politics where he set his eye on Migori gubernatorial seat.

However, this did not materialize as he feared he had no muscles to match the fiercely contested county top job. Instead, he settled on a senatorial seat.

“My eyes were set on the governor seat but the campaign requirements are very hectic. I was also not able to raise enough campaigns funds in time,” Aluochier said.

He Cited his move to vie for the senatorial seat as something that will give Migori residents pride by having a senator with a record of defending human rights.

Although, Aluochier had to come to terms with bitter reality as voters of migori wanted something more than pride in their Senator.

This further thwarted his political bid as he is fueled to swallow the ambition and settle on an MCA seat, where he feels the residents stand the best chance of benefiting from his representation and proper oversight of public funds.

“I have thrown my hat in the political ring to serve the people, and not just satisfy my ego. Consequently, as the cry of the voter is for effective oversight of their county executive and funds, I am inclined to seek to serve the residents of Migori County in the MCA office,” he said

In addition, Aluochier noted that he has had a wide consultation on the matter and that he has decided to heed the calls of those who are for service to the people, who urged him to go for the MCA position.

“Those who felt that my status as a national figure urged me to remain in the senatorial race, but they do not address the question of the needed oversight of Migori County executive and funds,” he explained.

In the coming August 9 polls, Aluochier said he is out to settle it out in the ballot with other aspirants for the East Kamagambo Ward on a Freedom and Justice Party.

Although this is opposed to the local’s expectations on every aspirant to vie on Orange Democratic Movement, which is the most popular party in the region.

Aluochier added that he was a strong member of the ODM party before ditching the party, where he cited chaos in party nominations as his reasons.

He recalled that in 2017, he vied for Rongo Constituency on an independent ticket after chaos erupted in ODM nominations. Something he said he is not ready to undergo for the second time.

“I quit ODM because of chaotic and shambolic nominations, the party is just a democracy by name. This has been made worse by consensus talks for nominations,” he said.

If all goes as he plans, Migori residents and residents of East Kamagambo are poised for a representation by a Master’s degree Holder as Aluochier has a master’s in Project Management.

Aluochier studied in the universities of Reading and Cranfield in England for his bachelor’s and master’s degrees respectively.

In the political arena, it will also be in line with his family’s political life as his father, John Linus Aluoch Polo, was the Rongo MP in the first multiparty general election between 1992-97 with Ford Kenya ticket.

By Treeza Auma

Treeza Auma is a Digital Content Producer and founder of KTMN She is also Television journalist at Kenya News Agency and Leadership Accelerator at Women in News.

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