The Busia County government is urging members of the public in Busia to be patient as it works on addressing challenges facing the health sector in the county.

While responding to issues raised by a section of Members of the Busia County Assembly over the health status, Busia County deputy Governor Mr Arthur Odera who is also the County Executive Committee member in charge of the health department, noted that through partnership with Ampath, the county government acquired a truck that is well equipped to traverse the entire county offering medical services to the residents.

Mr Odera told the media, “We already have a truck well equipped that is mobile to traverse the entire county offering medical services to those who want them. The truck will be domiciled in county health centers and facilities near them.”

According to Mr Odera when they took over the office one year ago, the theatre section at Alupe, Kocholia, and Port Victoria health facilities was not working but was fixed and are now in operation.

“It is also good to note that, when we took over the office last year we found that the theatre section at Alupe, Kocholia, and Port Victoria was not working.

We repaired them and they are now working. Odera said on the phone adding, “We also fixed three out of five of the dialysis machines that were not working; they are now serving patients effectively.

The X-ray machine at Busia County referral hospital that had broken down was also fixed, an indication that we are doing what we can to restore sanity in the health sector.”

The CEC Member challenged members of the Busia County Assembly to pass a health finance bill as soon as possible to enable the county government to have enough money to address challenges facing the health sector.

“On drugs and other non-pharmaceutical commodities needed in the health sector, we are appealing to the Members of Busia County Assembly to pass into law the health finance bill, that will enable us to have enough resources to equip our health facilities with enough drugs and other non-pharmaceuticals.

Members of the County Assembly of Busia led by Bukhayo North/ Walatsi ward Mr Gady Jakaa earlier questioned the manner in which the county is managing the health sector adding that the current county leadership has failed to address challenges facing the sector.

“The current health status in the county is wanting. There are no drugs and other non-pharmaceuticals in all public health facilities across the county.

Patients are forced to buy drugs and other essentials when seeking medication yet the county leadership promised to better the health sector,” said Mr Jakaa

According to him, a lot of health facilities in Busia, due to a lack of drugs and other reagents are referring patients to hospitals outside Busia denying the county revenue.

“It is a great shame that after more than 10 years of devolution, our hospitals still are referring patients to other counties to seek medication just because our health facilities are ill-equipped. Let the governor come out and address the challenges that are facing the sector.”

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