The Luo Council of Elders in Busia County has appealed to youth groups in the county to desist from actions that may land the county in problems.

Mr Victor Aketch, the chairperson of the Luo Council of the Elder in Busia noted that collusion of youths in the county if not addressed may land the county in intercommunity clashes.

Addressing the press in Busia after the meeting that brought together members of the Luo Community residing in Busia County Mr Aketch urged those sponsoring youths to fight amongst themselves in the county to stop as it may cause bloodshed.

“We are here and one of the resolutions we have arrived at is that those sponsoring youths to fight against each other in the county should stop. If we allow it to go on we may experience bloodshed as a county.

He says that as a community they have advised the county commissioner to tell security officers to avoid the use of excessive force when handling protestors.

“People lost lives in the last demonstrations when different youth groups colluded. Some died after police shot them. The reason we are appealing to the security officers is to avoid using live bullets while dispersing protestors. What we need is peace to prevail in Busia without profiling certain communities in the county,” he noted

“Anybody who is demonstrating, as it is enshrined in the law. Must do it peacefully without interfering with other people’s rights and properties.”

According to him, there is a need for dialogue between the county leadership and youths to avoid further confrontation amongst youths in the county.

“We encourage the dialogue between different parties in the county. Let Governor Dr Paul Otuoma convene a meeting with youths and other community leaders not just members from the Luo community but the larger Busia and address issues that may be causing mayhem in the county,” said Mr Aketch

He added, “We also encourage all the Luo community wherever they are that we must be peaceful. We unite, we do our business, and that is what brought us here. We need to do our business in peace.”

Ms Hafsa Margret Okaka wanted different communities in Busia to coexist peacefully and in harmony the way they have done before adding that the recent cases of youths fighting on grounds of ethnicity must be condemned.

“It is not good to see our youths fighting amongst themselves. I am from another county, but I have stayed here for a very long time, my children were born and raised here, and what is going on in the county is dangerous and must not be allowed to continue. Those who are sponsoring them should stop,” she noted

Two different groups of youths colluded during last week’s demonstrations, with those pushing for a demonstration in town and those opposing it which led to the demolition of the Busia stadium perimeter wall after they were stopped by a section of youths who were anti-demos.

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