Scholastica Magani Wanga a resident of Rukala in Budalangi decries that, with the increase in fuel prices from sh194 to sh212 per liter of petrol, life has just become unbearable for them.

Ms Wanga who trades in the fish Business in Busia country noted that with the fuel increase transport cost has also increased from sh350 to sh500 from Port Victoria to Busia town.

“Our job involves moving from one market to another and in the process, we rely on vehicles and motorbikes for transportation but with the fuel increase, transport cost has increased drastically to sh500 from sh350 from Port Victoria to Busia and this will really affect our business,” she noted

She says that the move by the government to increase fuel will spill to other sectors including learning institutions, adding that even school fees are expected to increase as a result of high prices of fuel.

“As we speak some learning institutions have issued notices of increasing school fees, especially for parents who rely on schools to provide means of transport for their children. In a situation where every sector increases charges, with little income, how will Kenyans cope with life?” she paused

Mr Joseph Okumu, a Busia resident, blamed Kenyans for making wrong choices when they voted in power the Kenya Kwanza government.

According to him, Kenyans were warned against electing the current government but failed to listen to what the leaders from the Azimio la Umoja were telling them.

“What is going on today and the high cost of living is something some of us knew would happen. Kenyans were warned over electing these leaders but they did not listen. Today everyone is complaining about the high cost of living and it is a result of having leaders who do not have the interest of its citizens at heart,” said Mr Okumu

He noted that, “In last year’s elections Kenyans allowed themselves to be cheated. They were hoodwinked with good words and false promises and they fell into their trap and that is what they are reaping today the truth must be told, Kenyans will suffer in the coming days under the Kenya Kwanza government, the worst is yet to come.”

According to Busia woman representative Ms Catherine Omanyo, while donating iron sheets to families affected by floods in Bunyala South villages in Budalangi, due to an increase in fuel prices, the prices of simple commodities such as sugar and maize will increase as well.

“The manufacturers depend on fuel to produce and transport to the market goods they manufacture and with the increase in fuel prices the cost of production and transportation will increase too. They will not carry the burden, instead, it is the consumer who will feel the pinch.”

She noted that “the government needs to do something and shield Kenyans from this harsh economy Kenyans are being subjected to or else some of Kenyans will be unable to even take their children to school.”

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