Busia woman representative Catherine Omanyo has condemned the passing of the 2023 finance bill, terming it as a burden to Kenyans, which will make life difficult.

Addressing women’s groups while distributing National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF) cheques in Budalangi and Funyula constituencies, Omanyo said it is a big shame to the country for members of parliament to converge and pass a bill that is oppressive to Kenyans.

“It is a big shame to those who voted for the bill. That is a clear indication that they don’t love Kenyans. Kenyans can’t send you to the Assembly to represent them, but arriving there you are lured with small goodies, then you start serving your own interest,” she says.

She noted that the passage of the bill will only benefit the rich very little while the majority of Kenyans will continue languishing in poverty.

“What will happen once the bill starts being implemented is that the poor will continue being poor while the rich will continue being rich. That is why I still maintain my position, regardless of whether the bill will be made into law or not,” she noted.

The legislator noted that there is a need for the bill to be amended to lower the cost of living, adding that parliament passing it while the majority of Kenyans are against it is going against the constitution that gives Kenyans power to make decisions that affect them.

“They have passed the bill, let them go back and amend it to favour the majority of Kenyans. We should tell each other the truth.

The constitution gives Kenyans power to make decisions on matters affecting them, and a situation where few members of parliament converge to pass a law that benefits 10 per cent of the country’s population and the majority remains suffering is going against the law. Power is with the people, not parliament,” she said.

Omanyo was among seven other members of parliament who did not take part in the voting process after they were suspended from attending house proceedings for not less than 2 days and a maximum of 28 days by the speaker of the National Assembly, Moses Wetangula in what he termed as unruly and portrayed nuisance behaviour in the assembly.

Those suspended included Sabina Chege (Nominated MP), Tj Kajwang (Ruaraka), Millie Odhiambo (Mbita), Rozaah Buyu (Kisumu West), Fatuma Mnyanzi, Catherine Omanyo (Busia), Joyce Kamene (Machakos). 176 MPs voted in favor of the Bill while 81 voted against it in the second reading in the parliament

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