Girl life at campus comes with a lot of fantansies. The need to buy fabulous outfits,recruit smart trendy friends,host awesome events, decorate your house with luxury spas and make over your hair and makeup to go from frumpy to fashionista.

Girls at first year are at their most naive inspite of them thinking they are wise. They have all kinds of set values and high standards. At their innocent age all they want is to date smart,well-dressed, hardworking, God-fearing,non-alcoholic, and all-in-one package men . They got an endless list of the type of men they want.

The awakening part strikes in the second year, most have had their hearts broken from dead relationships. The disappointment of seeing their hearts torn puts them at a better place of wanting nothing more than luxury. They are done with loving. All they need is a guy who could dig his pocket deep to provide them the entertainment they need. 

At third year, relationships are mature except for the single desperate girls. The single girls start ‘importing’ guys. Meaning they date guys from different campuses or worse, date older men commonly known as ‘sponsors’, if you like ‘sugar daddies’ though a cliche. However, most girls have had a bitter ending at the expense of dating the sugar daddies. They either end up with sexually transmitted infections or worse getting killed in the struggle with a campus boyfriend. The strange urge of female students dating older men comes with a certain lifestyle and status. All they want is to quickly transition from being an innocent high school girl to a sexy trendy campus girl and will do anything to achieve that status.

At fourth year, most girls have gotten their soulmates. It’s easier to predict who will marry who. However the girls who end up graduating single may end up in frustrating relationships either with older guys or younger guys. Those that get married during campus life mostly end up frustrated by their boyfriends who end up picking younger girls over them.

In a nutshell, girl life at campus is fun. All it needs for one to have set goals and standards that are achievable. Research has it that, most girls at campus end up in a mess because of the influence from their peers and the urge to live a classy lifestyle.

By Treeza Auma

Treeza Auma is a Digital Content Producer and founder of KTMN She is also Television journalist at Kenya News Agency and Leadership Accelerator at Women in News.

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