Clearing agents at Busia Stop Border post in Busia have confiscated a truck from Uganda to Kenya at the one-stop border post in Busia alleging that it may be carrying dangerous goods.

According to them, they intercepted a trailer that was coming from Uganda under tight security from the Ugandan police defense force (UPDF) had evaded the scanning machine, accusing the police officer in charge at the border of aiding the track to the country without following the right procedure.

Mr Chrispine Oriedo, one of the clearing agents at the border noted that they suspected that the truck was carrying dangerous and illegal goods in Kenya after it failed to follow the clearing procedure.

“This truck KCG 151R was coming from Uganda under the escort of the Uganda police defense force (UPDF). It did not go through a scanning machine and we suspected that it was carrying illegal goods and the Kenyan security officers were waiting for it to proceed.

Mr Francis Otieno after insisting the truck to go back and be scanned, the scanning machines show that the container had dangerous goods demanding the container to be opened.

He alleges that the consignment belongs to the Ministry of Interior which may be dangerous if it is allowed to cross over to the country.

“When we insisted to know what was happening the truck was already preparing to leave the border post after it was cleared by the police Officer in charge at the post. After we demanded to know the content it they brought it back and was scanned that is we suspected the content of the container being dangerous goods,” he noted

They are insisting that they will remain vigilant and not allow the trailer into the country, adding that, the demonstrations planned by the Azimio la Umoja as from Wednesday, if the truck may be carrying weapons it may cost the lives of many Kenyans.

Matayos Member of Parliament Mr. Geoffrey Odanga wanted Kenyans at the border to remain vigilant and not to allow the cargo from their site.

According to him, the content in the consignment should worry Kenyans now that it was coming into the country under tight security from the Ugandan police defense force.

The efforts to get a response from the security officers in the county bore no fruit as the county commissioner was not around for a comment.

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