Migori County Commissioner David Gitonga has urged the resident of the Chenato area in Kuria East Sub County to embrace girl-child education over the promotion of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) practices.

Gitonga who spoke during a public Barraza at Chenato divisional headquarters, expressed his concerns over the continued practice of FGM, especially in the Chenato area, citing that the practice is ancient and should be completely wiped out.

Instead, the commissioner challenged the residents to put more effort into educating their girls citing that quality education is the only sure way of securing their future in the 21st century.

“The practice of Female Genital Mutilation is a thing of the past that we should not be discussing in the current century. I urge all parents sitting here today to focus more on educating their girls,” said Gitonga.

While sharing the bright side of girl-child education, the administrator stated that most homes that are successful do channel their success stories to the ladies hence educating them is not a waste of their resources.

“You will find behind every successful and well-developed home is a woman who has been able to change the stories of these homes”, said Gitonga.

              The administrator also revealed that girls who have been circumcised often get married at a tender age, which results in a high number of school dropouts and an increased number of teenage mothers.

This, he says is in addition to the dangers that are associated with the vice, especially during childbirth as well as diseases such as Fistula and obstetric hemorrhage that are common among circumcised girls.

 “Women and girls who are circumcised do experience a lot of problems during child delivery. For instance, cases of Fistula and over bleeding are among the problems that they face,” remarked Gitonga.

As schools approach closure for the August holidays, there are fears that some Kuria clans might carry out vice, despite being outlawed by the government.

The move by the commissioner to hold a public Barraza in FGM-prone areas is seen as an early effort aimed at providing early sensitization on the dangers of FGM practice as well as a warning to the culprits.

Gitonga warned those with such intentions that the government was already aware of such plans and the long arm of the law awaits them.

“I want to warn those among us here who have intentions of subjecting their girls to the cut that the government will take strong actions against them according to the provision of Kenyan laws,” He warned.

Kuria East Education Quality Assurance officer Ms. Susan Chacha said that education has raised the standard of women across all societies.

She noted that women have gained equity through education where they can discuss equal issues with men at the same table, giving an example of herself.

“Education is very important and educating our ladies is not a waste of resources. It is through education that I was able to secure the position of Quality Assurance of Kuria East Constituency so let us educate our girls,” revealed Chacha.

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