The County Government through the Department of Water Services, has handed over a site in Ngimugerega in Lopur Ward, for a new water project.

The project costing Ksh. 5.5 million is scheduled for completion at the end of this financial year.

The planned undertaking includes borehole drilling, solarisation, and the construction of a water kiosk together with a 10,000 M3 plastic tank.

The hand over certificate was presented to the contractor at Ngimugerega by Eng Reinhard Wanjala, of planning and design unit in the presence of the village administrator and a representative of the MCA Lopur Ward.

Prior to the handover, a meeting was held with local leadership and the contractor, where the County Executive of Water Services Faith Aletea highlighted Ngimugerega project as one of the 36 projects slated for completion across Turkana in the current financial year.

Emphasising on the urgency of the project, she directed the contractor to mobilize resources and move to the site promptly.

The CECM further underscored the necessity of completing the project within stipulated time to make water available for residents citing the absence of previous water initiatives despite the growing population.

The project aims to alleviate pressure on the existing Kalopusia water point, which currently serves communities within a 20–30 kilometre radius of both Lopuski and Ngimugerega villages.

Of significance, is the location of Ngimugerega water project as it is strategic to the pastoralists’ major migratory routes in the area.

The County Executive stressed adherence to standard guidelines and operating procedures, warning of consequences for contractors failure to comply.

Upon completion, the project is expected to foster harmonious relations between host and refugee communities in neighbouring Kakuma and Lopur Wards.

At the same time, it will serve the needs of nomadic pastoralist along the Turkana North-Lopur-Lokichoggio-Nanam migratory routes.

Present were, Clare Kiyonga (procurement), Veronica Kamaro (Finance), Nancy Locham (Village Administrator), and Simon Lobuin (Turkana West Water Inspection Officer).