CS Owallo distributing food to residents of Nyarongi in suna east migori county. Photo;Polycarp Ochieng,KTMN

Cabinet Secretary for Information, Communication and Digital Economy (ICT) Elud Owalo has warned the residents of Migori to shut down demonstrations and embrace the politics of ideas.

Owalo said that demonstrations will keep off investors, destroy businesses and risk losing the future and life of youths.

The CS was speaking during food distribution in Nyarongi location in Suna East Constituency.

He noted that the new government leadership was focused on developmental ideas and programmes to steer the economic development of the nation.

Owalo further warned that demonstrations will not resolve the high cost of living in the country.

Instead, he outlined that the government had embarked on a fertilizer programme to help farmers across the country with subsidized fertilizer and seeds to solve the food situation.

He added that the time for politics was over and it was important for political leaders to embrace social economic activities.

CS Owallo during his visit to Nyarongi in suna east migori county. Photo; Polycarp Ochieng, KTMN

Owalo cited that emphasis on sugar cane production, fishing industry and Mining activities in the region will improve the lives of the Nyanza region.

The CS also acknowledged that he will continue working with like-minded leaders in the Nyanza region to ensure that the region is steered in the right economic direction.

The Chairperson of the Kenya Nuclear Regulatory Authority (KNRA) Edick Anyanga said that demonstration was not the answer to solving the problems facing the nation.

Anyanga, who is a former Member of Parliament of Nyatike urged the residents of Migori to shut politics and demos because they were destructive to the economy of the county.

Migori County Deputy Commissioner Benson Karani said that the ongoing demonstrations in the county were not genuine.

He noted that youths were collecting money from motorists before they can allow them to pass making it an illegal and unethical demonstration.

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