ICT and the Digital Economy Cabinet Secretary (CS) Eliud Owalo has said the government is keen to open up more job opportunities for the youth through training them on digital skills.

This, he noted, was being done through the introduction of Ajira and Jitume digital programmes that are allowing many youths to acquire the right skills by using the digital space.

He said the free Internet and hundreds of computers so far provided at various digital hub centres within all constituencies have enabled the youth to learn digital tactics for doing research and business online.

E-Commerce skills strive to assist the youth and especially students buy and selling services and making good money, he said.

The CS was speaking at Rongo University where he officially launched the institution’s Konza Digital Laboratory to help students learn online skills, under the Jitume Digital Access Opportunities programme.

The Konza techno polis authority helped to establish the centre that would accommodate more than 100 students per computer session.

Owalo said that the Kenya  Kwanza government plans to establish some  1450 digital labs across the country to drive the country into a digital hub.

With this heavy training and free access to the Internet, the country stands to be an economic powerhouse among the many other international nations that had long grown into super highways using the digital space.

“We are moving very fast to connect markets with free Internet broadband to enable our business people also buy and sell their wares online,” he said.

He said laying the 100,000 km internet broadband fibre ongoing across the country would see small markets and government institutions connect to offer free 3 WiFi services to the people.

The official said the government was also doing everything possible to improve roads, water supplies, and health services in Nyanza and elsewhere across the country.

In a similar event at Siala technical training institute (TTI), the CS emphasised on the need for the local people to work with the current government.

Owalo said the time for political rhetoric had long elapsed and the local leaders and the people must now embrace political development.

He said the leaders must strive to join President William Ruto in his efforts to rejuvenate fishing, mining, and agricultural activities in the Nyanza region.

Other guests attending included the PS ICT John Tanui, Konza Techno polis acting CEO John Okwiri, Rongo University VC Professor Samwel Gudu and Migori County Commissioner David Gitonga among other senior government officials

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