Ampath Dumisha Afya in collaboration with Ampath Population Health, donated a mobile X-ray truck to the Busia county government to take X-ray services close to people in every sub-county.

According to County Executive Committee Member Busia County Mr. Arthur Odera, the truck will be mobile at all times whenever it is needed in sub-county hospitals adding that the truck will have a designated radiographer and radiologist to offer medical services to those who need them.

“Ampath Population Health and Ampath Dumisha Afya have donated to us a mobile x-ray truck and our responsibilities will be to ensure that it is made available whenever it is required in all sub-county hospitals across the county so that our patients can get the x-ray services near them.”

“At the same time this truck will have a designated radiographer and a radiology who will go around with it to deliver the X-ray services to sub-county facilities that do not have the X-ray services,” noted Mr. Odera

Odera, who is also Busia County deputy governor, noted that the truck will help the county government of Busia achieve a level of efficiency in delivering X-ray services.

“With this truck, we will achieve the level of efficiency in delivering x-ray services in remote health facilities in the county where we do not have resources to have x-ray equipment there and as a county, we are also now forced to think about how best to deliver services without necessarily relying on other partners,” he noted

Addressing the press during the flagging off of the truck at Busia County Referral Hospital, Mr Odera stated that as a department they will develop a calendar to provide a clear program on where the truck will be at a given period and time.

“We will come up with a calendar that says where the truck will be on which day of which month and we will be doing that all year. So, expect to see this truck closer to you to deliver to you the essential services it requires,” said Mr Odera

According to Ampath population’s leading health financing officer, Ms. Salome Alice, their interest is to advance universal health coverage including access to diagnosis.

“As Ampath our interest is advancing universal health coverage and access to diagnosis is one of those that we have on top of our agenda in delivering this truck, We believe that when it moves across Busia County, it will enable people in far-flung areas to access x-ray services near them,” said Ms Salome

She revealed that there will be a mentorship program across the county where the truck will be going so that in the next three years, Busia County will have more radiologists.

“There will be a mentorship program across the county where this truck will be going so that towards the end of two to three years of this project, then we are able to have doubled the number of radiologists in this county,” she revealed

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