Equity Group Foundation observed the 13th annual regional congress on leadership programs among the students that are sponsored by Equity Wings to Fly and the Elimu Foundation.  

According to Mr Alex Obuhata, the officer responsible for organization development, culture and effectiveness, and equity group, more than 55,000 people across the world have benefited from the Equity Wings to Fly and Equity leadership program that has enabled them to become responsible citizens in their various capacities across the globe since its inception.

“The program has benefited at least 55,000 individuals across the world who have benefited from the Wings to Fly program and equity leadership program. These are individuals some of them today are studying and working overseas and some are holding positions of responsibilities in organizations where they work,” he said

He noted that the program focuses on bright students who come from vulnerable families as a way of helping them access better education and opportunities to meet leaders who in return mentor them.

“We must always remember that this program focuses on bright students who come from a vulnerable background, people who otherwise would not have opportunities to meet leaders, mentors to be trained, to be coached, and that to us, is what makes an impact.” He noted

His sentiments were echoed by Busia county director of Education Mr James Ekale Ekalio adding that in collaboration with other partners, the Ministry of Education aims to mentor the learners and make them better citizens in the future.

“With other partners, we always aim to mentor students and make them better leaders not just now but for future purposes. We have worked before with equity in identifying needy students to acquire application forms for scholarships and we have seen the program do well,” said Mr Ekale

In a program that brought together 566 students who are beneficiaries of the Wings to Fly and Elimu scholarship, Mr Oscar Masinde, the Manager of Equity Bank Busia branch maintained that for the learners to continue enjoying the scholarship program they need to maintain a good record in academics and good behaviours in school or else they risk losing the scholarship.

“We always make it very clear from the onset that this scholarship is not guaranteed for students. We base it on performance and vulnerability. The most important thing we tell them when they join our program, is we ask them to do well in the exams because that is a measure that we use to see whether somebody can continue enjoying a scholarship and then of course there is a question of discipline at school which is also very important for you to be retained in this program,” he stated

Ms Mercy Oronjo a student at Kolanya Girls’ National School, and one of the beneficiaries of the Elimu program appreciated the stakeholders for rolling out the leadership program adding that through the leadership program, the beneficiaries are becoming people of substance in the community.

“Through this program, a lot of people have benefited from it. We are just among those who are still benefiting from it and we know by the time we are done with it, we will be responsible persons in our community in the future,” she said

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