Nyabukemo water project plant. Photo by Peter Ologi; KTMN

Residents of Nyabukemo in Suna West Constituency in Migori County have a reason to smile following the drilling of a water borehole in the area by the County government.

The project which is funded by the County government was launched by the area Member of County Assembly, Julius Mirimbo who is in his first term in the Assembly.

When complete, the borehole will serve larger parts of Nyabukemo and Kirasia areas in Wasimbete ward whose residents have been affected by perennial water shortage due to long seasons of dry spell.

Speaking during the launch of the project, Mirimbo reiterated that Migori County government under the leadership of Governor Ochillo Ayacko is committed to service delivery to the people.

“This water project, the first in this area since devolution, is a sure sign that the County government is responsive to the basic needs of its electorates,” said Mirimbo.

Wasimbete Member of County Assembly, Julis Mirimbo officially launching the Nyabukemo Water Project. Photo: Peter Ologi; KTMN

He added that the project which will cost Shs 4million when complete, will be a permanent solution to the water shortage, which has been a challenge in different parts of the ward.

He however, promised to continue uplifting the community through such projects by ensuring that the people enjoy their voting rights.

Apart from this, he promised to ensure that all the county roads are upgraded to allow faster accessibility of market places, for empowerment of the residents.

This water project is now the second after the completion of Nyamaharaga water project which now serves Nyamaharaga sub county hospital and the residents around it.

Access to clean water has been a challenge for locals in the area with most of the residents relying on rain water for drinking and river water for general basic washing.

During long seasons of draught, the residents are forced to share river water which is mostly used for watering livestock, which endangers their lives by exposing them to water-borne diseases.

George Osunga, a resident of Nyabukemo area said that sometimes, they are forced to travel long distance looking for clean water, which they get at a cost.

He added that the project will therefore, be of great help especially reducing the distance covered to get clean water apart from making sure that they are no longer exposed to the water borne diseases.

“I want to thank the County Government especially for responding to our plea which has been assumed for a long time now. We will no longer struggle to get clean water,” he said.

Osunga however, called upon the residents to be stewards of the project so that they can get clean water with ease.

On her side, Millicent Awuor said that the project is a sure response to the challenges women undergo when looking for clean water to ensure that their families are free from water diseases.

She said that the responsibility which has been culturally left for women in the society will now become an easy task due to the proximity and everlasting water source brought by the county government.

“As women, it is us that really feel the burden of looking for clean water. We therefore, feel relieved with this project that aims at reducing for us the workload,” she said.

She thanked the thanked the County Government for honoring the promise made during the 2022 campaigns.

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