Former Migori County MP Dr. Pamela Odhiambo plant trees alongside mebers of her Make Migori Green Again Initiative

Immediate former Migori woman representative Dr Pamella Odhiambo has quietly drifted to climate change mitigation through agro forestry, barely a year after losing the ODM party primaries to Governor Ochillo Ayacko.

Dr Odhiambo, whose ominous absence from the political limelight has left the electorate in awe, maintains that she has found solace in nature conservation as she restructures her political house ahead of the 2027 elections.

While noting that she has not opted out of active politics, the former county legislator says she has an unwavering passion in tree planting and climate change mitigation, a move she maintains will come in handy in addressing the wanting effects of climate.

Dubbed Make Migori Green Again, Dr Odhiambo is not only passionate about tree cover but has also been a climate change champion, roping both the youth and women groups in the venture she started way back in 2018.

“I grew up in a remote area where all sorts of indigenous trees and tall savanna grasses could be found and. This has changed over the years and some of the foliage that used to provide shade and ambience are nearly becoming extinct.”

Former Migori Women Rep Dr. Pamela Odhiambo

Dr Odhiambo recounts that her craving for green environment birthed her quest to set up the Green Movement that has since morphed into a Community based organization.

Members of the Make Migori Green Again Initiative with the founder Dr Pamela Odhiambo.PHOTO:POOL

“We no longer have the natural forests and our lands are no longer productive, the top arable soil has since been washed downstream and the current population is staring at a crisis.”

Fast forward after ODM party handed a direct ticket to Dr Ayacko who would later be elected the second county governor, Dr Odhiambo has been a woman on a mission.

Putting politics aside and not willing to take up her former role as a university don, she nosedived into tree planting, roping in some of the youths she had earlier worked with during her stint as the county woman leader.

The venture involves plating fruit trees as well as eco-friendly trees that can be incorporated in farms alongside other crops.

Dr Pamela Odhiambo planting a tree .PHOTO:POOL

The trees supporting the Make Migori Green Again Initiative are locally sourced from youth groups at affordable prices and planted in personal firms.

Some of the trees in her project include avocado, oranges, and mangoes as well the eco-friendly gravellier that blends well with other crops.

“We are targeting private land across the entire county but majority are opposed to planting hard wood trees as they destroy the soil fertility. I would have wished to escalate the program across the eight Sub Counties but due to limited resources, I have piloted the project in Suna West where majority of the residents are willing to allot their parcels for the venture.”

Dr Pamela Odhiambo

According to her, the push to have the county vegetation cover restored has been her main quest and even though she is currently managing the project single handedly, she says she is open to partnership.

“We are targeting to plant 10,000 trees during this rainy season although we have already planted 2500 tree seedlings. This amount is single sourced and I’m upbeat that I can reach the anticipated 10,000 tree cover even on my own.”

That, she says does not bar her from partnering with like-minded individuals to upscale the desired forest cover both in government institutions and private farms.

 “I’m still ready to partner with other women and youths who had been working with my office in the past to further escalate the venture. This is not limited to other government entities, elected leaders and the corporate world.” she noted.


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