Migori clergies condemn the unruliness of Migori residents which has since angered God and thus the number of accidents in the town’s central business district.

Migori town has witnessed an increase in road accidents due to the carelessness of the road users, hence the men of God allude it is God who is angry. 

During a prayer procession along the Kisii- Isebaniah highway through Migori town to cast out the spirit of death along the highway, Bishop Okinda of Pefa church said that it is also through the inhuman actions of the people of Migori that God might have struck the town with such punishments.

The Bishop was referring to the recent occurrences where rowdy youths in Migori town burnt a suspect to death at the roundabout near Posta roundabout.

in the prayer procession, hundreds of believers drawn from different denominations in Migori County held a prayer walk to ask God for forgiveness and save them from future accidents along the highway

The believers drawn from Maranatha church Assemblies, Pefa church, and Roman Catholic Church among others, marched across the streets of Migori town praying and spraying holy waters on the road which has claimed the lives of over ten people in a span of two months.

According to Bishop John Okinda who was leading the procession, he said that they decided to call interdenominational prayers to appease God on behalf of the people of Migori.

He adds that it is only through prayers that God might have mercy upon the town of Migori and if possible stop the occurrences of the accidents which have been rampant in the town.

“We are praying for the cleansing of the road and the town after several accidents that have been witnessed on the highway. It is sad that this road has consumed almost 15 people in the last one month,” said Bishop Okinda.

The clergy also said that the need to sensitize the residents on the road safety was among the global peace appeal that the leaders spearheaded.

On the other hand, Rev John Abisai of Maranatha Faith Assemblies called upon members of the public to be vigilant while using the roads so as to be able to contain the numerous accidents in Migori town.

Abisai also accused the drivers who do not take seriously, the trainings in class, only to come out half-baked hence committing serious traffic offences leading loss of lives on the roads.

The leaders also called the traffic police to not only focus on checking the vehicles and clearing the traffic, but also enforce the traffic rules.

Bishop Esau Jobando of Good Shephard Ministries condemned the rot in the traffic police sector, accusing the police of concentrating on the bribes, creating gateways for overloading drivers.

“I want to categorically condemn the corruption by the police on our roads that allow the overloading vehicles to cause accidents that have been claiming our people’s lives,” he said.

Jobando called on the Judiciary to start prosecuting the rogue officers who lag behind their roles to ensure that there are water-tight measures to end the rampant accidents on the roads.

He however, commended the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) on their quick response to put up bumps to check on the over speeding vehicles on the highway.

“I want to take this opportunity to appreciate KeNHA for heeding to the public call to install the bumps which will act as speed check on the drivers,” he said.

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