The government has scaled up relief food distribution in Kilifi County and other 22 counties in the county midst the ravaging drought and escalated poverty in the regions.

Government spokesperson Col (rtd) Cyrus Oguna speaking at Kauma Sub county said the relief food distribution will mitigate drought situation that has since hit Kilifi county hard.

He said the government cares about the residents has committed to avert the deteriorating food situation in the drought stricken situation.

 “Approximately 2.8 million people who are spread in the 23 affected counties in Kenya are in need of the relief food to enable them survive during the drought season ,“Oguna mentioned.

He said the affected people will receive foodstuffs and monetary funds as the country expects to get back to normal when rain falls.

“As government, we are continuing with process of distributing foodstuffs to residents in areas such as Kauma which commenced early last year will sustain you in the season when we are experiencing prolonged drought in Kenya, “Oguna said.

Col(rtd) Cyrus Oguna addressing Kauma Residents during distribution of relief food Photo by Treeza Auma

Accompanying the government spokesperson, Kilifi county commissioner Kutswa Olaka said Kilifi county has been hit hard by drought and fortunately there are no deaths related to drought lately.

“Kilifi county is one of the seriously affected counties whose residents have gone for days without rainfall therefore depriving farmers of a better produce which equals to suffering,”Olaka said.

He said so far there are 10,000 households benefiting from cash transfer programs in the county as a result of drought.

Out of 4,500 bags of rice to be distributed in Kilifi County, Kauma sub county has received 500 bags of rice and 400 bags of beans out of 3600 to be distributed in the county.

Olaka applauded the government for the drought mitigation strategy.

“ I want to thank the government which has considered the issues of the citizens in drought stricken areas and offered relief food which is crucial for their survival,” he added.

Mary Konde, mother of 6 and a resident of Kauma who benefited from the program applauded the government and urged the government to continue caring for them.

Over 90 percent of residents in Kilifi have been reported to be living below poverty line according to the latest statistics.

By Treeza Auma

Treeza Auma is a Digital Content Producer and founder of KTMN She is also Television journalist at Kenya News Agency and Leadership Accelerator at Women in News.

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