Residents of Kajulu village in Uriri Sub County and their counterparts of Kanyuor village from Nyatike Sub-County, Migori County have finally found a lasting peace after the government marked demarcations separating their boundaries.

For years the two clans of Kajulu and Kanyuor have been involved in boundary wrangles which have resulted in the loss of valuable properties, lives and even forced relocations.

Speaking during the marking of the boundary separating the two Sub-Counties and the two rival clans, Samuel Anyona, an elder from North East Kadem Sub Location outlined that the move by the government to mark the boundary will provide a long-lasting peace between the rival clans.

Mzee Katete Jowi revealed that they have lost their children over a land dispute between the two clans, adding that even their homes were once torched. He was, however, optimistic about the peace that rests on the surveyor’s mark of the boundary.

Migori County Commissioner David Gitonga who led a delegation from the adjudication office, land registrar, and survey department outlined that through the use of the General Packet Radio Services (GPRS), they have been able to identify the beckons from the original survey map.

Gitonga stated that the dispute between the two clans has existed for over four decades since 1984, which has resulted in the loss of lives and properties.

He outlines that they have engaged the locals and the involved parties who have expressed their willingness to collaborate to have the beckons placed to mark the boundaries.

However, he warned that there are mechanisms for resolving disputes rather than engaging in violence.

 Additionally, he warmed those with intentions of removing the demarcations placed by the government, citing that such actions will be met with the strong force of law with a jail term of not less than seven years.

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