Migori governor Dr Ochilo Ayacko has been named the patron of the Kenya Redcross Society Migori county branch.

The who was present during the occasion held at Migori County state house, expressed his happiness to double up as the patron of the Red Cross and the governor of Migori County

“Today I’m very happy as the governor of Migori County to be taking two responsibilities, that is as the Red Cross patron and as the governor of Migori County, “said Mr. OChillo.

According to the governor, life is all about volunteering and he urged the residents of Migori to embrace the selfless spirit so that they can turn up in high numbers when the registration of new members is communicated.

“When we will be recruiting members we will be asking every person to reflect deeply into their inner self and bring forth the spirit of volunteering,” said the governor.

Moreover, the Migori County boss pointed out that it is through the spirit of selflessness and volunteering that we are living today since through it a lot of infrastructural developments have been achieved.

“That spirit enabled your parents, your grandparents and all humanities to be where they are today, without volunteers we would not have enjoyed the good roads and bridges we have today,” alluded the governor.

The Governor and the chair of the board of Kenya Red Cross Society, Mr Rotich Korill, said that Kenya Red Cross has three layers with the management being at the top level followed by the Governance and finally the patron.

Mr. Koril highlighted that the role of a patron in the Kenya Red Cross is critical as they do the oversight on the management within the county and they also represent the interest of the county to the National level.

“The role of the patron is very powerful as they manage and play an oversight role within the county and they also represent the interests of the county to the national level,” explained the chair of the Kenya Red Cross board.

Additionally, Mr Koril reminded the governor that his work has officially kicked off immediately he was pronounced the patron of the Kenya Red Cross Society Migori branch and his first assignment will be on the membership drive.

“His Excellency from today will be working with us and be a person who will support our activities on the ground and one of the issues that the governor will start with is the matter of membership drive,” said Mr Koril

According to Mr Koril, they are targeting 1 per cent of the Migori county population to volunteer as members of the Red Cross society. Through this, the new members will offer voluntary services without expecting any payment.

“If 1 per cent of the Migori population are volunteers with the Kenya Red Cross Society then we can always have people who understand what it means to give back to the community,” estimated Mr Koril

Mr Koril also decided to use the opportunity to explain to the general public that the Kenya Red Cross Society is not an NGO but it is a public statutory institution which is mandated by law by Kenya Red Cross Act to support both the National government and the County government.

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