Dr Joshua Ongwara, the Director of Public Health Services in Migori. Source: The Informer

The County government of Migori, through its department of health and sanitization, has launched a program to revamp the sub-county hospitals in order to provide better healthcare services.

This initiative is aimed at improving the quality of healthcare services offered to the residents of Migori County.

At the groundbreaking event, the director of public health, Joshua Ongwara, highlighted that the department has laid down policies to achieve the facelift for all the public health facilities.

He further stated that the County government has already devised a strategy to roll out the facelift for all the sub-counties in Migori, with the aim of improving healthcare services.

Migori County has a total of 159 registered health institutions that the facelift program aims to cover.

The program targets the expansion of the institutions to increase the wards, which have been limited compared to the number of patients being admitted on a daily basis.

Inadequate beds in the wards have been a major problem, especially in Migori Referral Hospital, which sometimes forces patients to share beds.

This has brought challenges of service delivery to the patients, especially at the casualty department during a health crisis involving patients who require emergency attention.

The program, therefore, aims to counter the limited space and machines that are key in ensuring that the service runs smoothly.

Ongwara thanked the County government for having paid part of the debts at Kenya Medical Supply Authority (KEMSA) and also noted that there will be continuous supply of drugs to all the hospitals.

The facelift process also aims to smoothen operations at the hospitals to aid in faster service delivery, which will eventually reduce the time taken by patients waiting to be served. According to the director, the program will also ensure that emergency departments are incorporated into the systems to cater for patients.

In conclusion, the facelift program is a significant step towards improving healthcare services in Migori County. The County government’s commitment to this initiative is commendable,

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