The government has conducted twenty postmortem on twenty-seven bodies at the start of the third day of the autopsy exercise.

Government pathologists led by senior pathologist Johansen Oduor have pitched tents in Malindi for more than two months now since the security operation on the 840-acre farm linked to controversial pastor Paul Makenzi who is in custody for allegedly leading a fasting cult.

A total of 326 bodies have been exhumed from the farm which is now a security operation area.

Addressing journalists at the Malindi Sub County Hospital Mortuary on Wednesday, Dr Oduor said that, postmortem was conducted on 12 adult bodies, 13 children bodies and two unidentified bodies which were severely deteriorated.

He added that 16 bodies belonged to males while nine were female and two were unknown due to the level of deterioration.

“We conducted 27 postmortems today. As per the age 12 were adults while 13 were children, two of them we were unable to establish whether they were adults or children because of the state in which they were,” he said.

He said that the majority of the bodies were severely decomposed and died due to starvation and few others moderately decomposed and the cause of death was unknown.

“Being that 25 of the bodies were severely decomposed while two of the bodies were moderately decomposed. 16 died because of starvation while two of them were too decomposed to determine the cause of death. We are remaining with 67 bodies that we shall do postmortem for the rest of the week,” he said.

By Treeza Auma

Treeza Auma is a Digital Content Producer and founder of KTMN She is also Television journalist at Kenya News Agency and Leadership Accelerator at Women in News.

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