Migori county governor, Dr Ochillo Ayacko has said that he won’t be part and parcel of the delegation that will accompany the head of state, President William Ruto during his visit to Migori County.

While confirming his absence from President William Ruto’s visit, the governor cited a lack of official communication and formal invitation by the organizers.

“I want to state very clearly that as the governor of Migori County, I have not been formally
communicated to by anybody whatsoever that the president of the republic of Kenya will be visiting Migori County.” Said the governor.

Ayacko said that he only came to know about the planned visit through mainstream and social media but has not been invited to attend.

He added that the decision to be excluded from the delegation now leaves him as the head of the county with little probability of attending the planned visit.

“We hear about it on the radio, and read it in the newspapers and as the head of the county government of Migori, I have not been officially invited to, leaving me with little option but to say that for the sake of public good, it is not possible for me to attend those functions.” The governor added.

Ayacko who did not reveal the event organizers accused them of bypassing and overlooking his position as the head of the county as a representative of the constitutional office which should have been at the forefront of coordinating the national and county government activities.

Generally, the protocol would require the governor to know the sitting arrangement which would make it easy for any governor to know where to direct the grievances of the residents and invite his other colleagues and investors.

Ayacko who accused the organizers of a lack of proper coordination has added that he will not
therefore, be part of any fallout should there be any.

The governor however blamed the style of president Ruto’s administration, saying that it need not go against the promises of uniting Kenyans, an oath he swore to keep once elected.

This follows the areas that have been neglected by the president’s visit to the county, thus Ayacko urges the president to be all-inclusive in his style of administration.

While at it, the governor however said that the head is free to visit any part of the nation he wishes to visit and invite whoever he wishes to invite to such functions, admitting his hopes that the visit will solve the high cost of living for the residents in Migori County.

“I wish those that will be visited well and hope that the visit will lower the cost of living, bring up our people from being captives of poverty and it will bring harmony.” Said Ayacko,

The governor condemned the visit, adding that it is very unfortunate that the county commissioner was not aware of the planned visit.

He, however, hoped that the trend will stop and there are adjustments that there will be adjustments that will be made to ensure coordination of the national and county development projects.

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