David Ndii, the top economic advisor to President William Ruto, announced his decision to refrain from offering counsel to Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua regarding strategies to tackle the issue of illicit alcohol, particularly in the Mt Kenya region.

Ndii criticized the recent crackdown on illegal alcohol, spearheaded by the Deputy President’s office in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior, labeling it as misguided and potentially counterproductive.

He suggested that the roots of the problem lie in demographic, geographic, and political factors, tracing back to the prohibition of traditional liquors by former President Daniel Moi in 1979.

When asked why he doesn’t advise the Deputy President, Ndii expressed impatience and emphasized that his position as an advisor doesn’t mandate him to offer guidance.

This comes amidst the Deputy President’s renewed commitment to eradicate illegal alcohol, with Ndii referencing his past writings to support his stance, citing migration as a contributing factor.

He recounted the relocation of over 30,000 displaced youths to the Mt Kenya region in 1994, leading to a rise in alcohol consumption among unemployed youth lacking housing and job opportunities.