Secretary General IDPs in Kenya Juma Mboya. He called upon the government to speed up the payment process of compensating the IDPs to improve their well-being. Photo by Polycarp Ochieng

Internally Displaced persons want the government to initiate the process to recognise and pass the law to commemorate the 2008 Post-election peace treaty.

This they say to be done as a remembrance of the predicaments that the IDPs endured all through the displacement period.

Speaking in Migori town, the secretary general of the national IDPs Network Juma Mboya, stated that the day should be marked and put into to have it be celebrated for the peace it brought to the country.

Juma while commemorating the 2008 Post-election peace treaty in Migori town, called upon the government to speed up the payment process of compensating the IDPs to improve their well-being.

Migori County has 4210 IDPs that were affected by the post-election violence, the majority of whom were residing in other counties at the time of Post-election violence.

He said that only 2210 individuals were partially compensated a sum of shillings 50,000 in 2018 from the agreed-upon figures of shillings 200,000.

Mboya noted that the government had promised to pay fully those that were partially paid and those yet to be paid according to the agreement that they signed with the government.   

“We will much appreciate it if the government moved with speed and compensated the IDPs to improve the lives of those affected”, said Mboya.

The official urged the government to fully implement the IDP ACT 2012 as well as the IDP Policy to fast-track and address the issues affecting the IDPs.

Mboya said that the IDP ACT 2012 aimed to provide the IDPs register, provide durable solutions to the IDPs, protection of communities from displacement and provide relevant assistance among others.

He thanked the International IDPs Network for standing with the affected families and championing their rights to payment to ensure that they have a decent life.

Migori IDP Julius Odengo thanked the government and the international IDPs for standing with them. He, however, asked the government to initiate the payment process and pay the remaining amount to help them move on with their life.

He noted that the IDPs will continue to remember the peace day treaty as a remembrance for what happened as well as caution the future generation on the importance of peace and unity.

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