Interior CS Professor Kindiki orders transfer of all security officers and government officials at isebaniah border with immediate effect .

In a bold move aimed at curbing the escalating security crisis in Isebaniah town, the Cabinet Secretary of Interior, Professor Kindiki, has implemented urgent reforms and ordered the immediate withdrawal of underperforming officers.

The government’s decisive actions come in response to the recent surge in violence, loss of lives, and rampant robbery that has plagued the border town.

Recognizing the failures of the security agencies in Isebaniah, Professor Kindiki emphasized that officers deployed to protect citizens and their businesses had neglected their mandated duties, causing distress and concern among the local community.

Doubts surrounding the effectiveness of the security apparatus further underscored the need for immediate action.

In a press conference held yesterday, Professor Kindiki announced that all officers stationed in Isebaniah would be withdrawn with immediate effect.

A new team of dedicated officers will be deployed to address the security challenges and restore peace and safety to the troubled town.

This strategic move aims to bring about much-needed stability and rebuild trust between the local community and law enforcement agencies.

Moreover, the government has ordered the transfer of officers from various departments operating in Isebaniah.

This includes customs officials, KEBS officers, anti-counterfeit agencies, and immigration officers.

The objective is to ensure a comprehensive overhaul of the security apparatus in the area and prevent the transfer of ineffective officers to other locations, thereby upholding accountability and preventing further disruptions.

Addressing concerns about officers who have overstayed in Isebaniah without effectively addressing security challenges, Professor Kindiki emphasized that they would be required to provide explanations for their negligence.

The government’s agenda moving forward will be to dismiss non-performing officers permanently, without transferring their problems elsewhere.

This firm stance reflects the commitment to safeguarding the interests and well-being of Kenyan citizens.

Particular attention has been placed on the illicit activities prevalent at the Isebaniah border.

Professor Kindiki raised alarm over the smuggling of drugs, counterfeit goods, and illicit ethanol, which have thrived due to lax security measures.

The newly deployed officers have been given a stern warning: they will bear the responsibility of intercepting and eliminating contraband goods.

The government, led by President Ruto, is resolute in its determination to protect the nation’s reputation and eradicate criminal activities that jeopardize public safety.

As the reforms take effect, the government hopes to restore Isebaniah’s tranquility, assuring the local community that their security is of paramount importance. Professor Kindiki’s decisive actions signal a new era of accountability and effectiveness in the security apparatus, promising a brighter and safer future for Isebaniah and its residents.

In conclusion, the security reforms implemented by Professor Kindiki, the Cabinet Secretary of Interior, in Isebaniah have garnered significant attention.

The withdrawal of underperforming officers, transfer of personnel, and commitment to accountability are steps toward restoring security and trust in the border town.

The government’s resolute stance against smuggling and criminal activities reflects its determination to protect the interests of Kenyan citizens and maintain a safe and prosperous nation

The CS however warned the locals of fueling violence despite their genuine concerns about security breakdowns.

He warned them, especially on the attacking police station using crude weapons with intention of torching it down or freeing the inmates.

He said such people shall be met with the full force of law as it is not acceptable as there is a law that guides entrance into protected areas such as police stations.

Kindiki also warned the local politicians from inciting locals on fueling violence, noting that strong action will be taken against them and they will be arrested and charged

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