National Assembly Speaker Mr Moses Wetangula (in spects) Butula Member of Parliament Mr Joseph Oyula, Bungoma Woman Representative Catherine Wambilianga (in white), and Vihiga Woman representative Beatrice Adagala, during fund drive in Butula, Busia County

Kenya Kwanza members of Parliament defended the 2023 Finance Act saying that through the act it’s the only way the country will source enough revenue to run its economy.

According to Molo Member of Parliament, Mr Kimani Kuria, the only way Kenya will sustain itself economically is to rely on the revenue collected from its own people instead of borrowing.

“The 2023 Finance Act does not mean we want to oppress Kenyans, as you are being told by some members of the Azimio la Umoja.

The act aims to empower the country to sustain itself financially so that we stop borrowing from other financial institutions globally,” he noted.

Mr Kuria, who is also chairperson parliamentary finance committee, criticized Azimio leadership for calling demonstrations countrywide on Wednesday, adding that protestors destroy properties in Azimio strongholds yet in other areas of the country business is running normally.

“It is unfortunate to see Azimio leaders calling for demonstrations in their strongholds which results in properties destructions, and businesses closing, yet in other areas in the country businesses continue as usual and after five years you will be here complaining of being left behind in development,” he noted

Vihiga Woman Representative Ms Beatrice Adagala during the fundraising at Burunda Catholic church in Butula Busia County asked Kenyans to give Kenya Kwanza government time to execute the promises they gave Kenyans during the campaign.

According to her, it is too early for Kenyans to expect President William Ruto to develop the country considering that the country was not doing well economically when he took over the office.

“Kenya Kwanza government has been in power for less than one year and you are already pressurizing it to deliver. That is not possible. Let us give William Ruto time and he will deliver on his promises,” she said.

She differed with Azimio’s leadership for pushing for signatures to remove Kenya Kwanza’s leadership from power, terming it as a waste of time.

“The only time Kenyans signed on papers was during the voting time. The signs you are being told to sign by the Azimio la Umoja leadership is a waste of time.

Don’t allow yourselves to be used. There is no way someone will remove the elected government from power through signatures,” she said.

However, Dagoretti North Member of Parliament Ms Beatrice Elachi differed with Kenya Kwanza counterparts saying that they are not against the finance act 2023, what they want is for the act to be revised so that issues of fuel and housing so that Kenyans should not feel burdened.

“We are not against the finance act 2023. What we are saying is that the president should relook at two issues. The issues of housing and the issues of fuel.

For example, in the issue of housing, members of the public already own homes, and those who don’t have the government must have a mechanism on how they will get those houses.

On fuel, how I wish the government implemented the program in phases after two years they increase,” she said.

Her sentiments were echoed by Lugari Member of Parliament, Mr Nabii Nabwera. According to Nabwera, they have been paying taxes for a very long time.

What they are requesting is for the tax collected to be channeled to projects that will benefit Kenyans.

“What we are saying is let the money collected be channeled to the right projects. If you told Kenyans to pay money for building Junior secondary schools and bursaries, nobody would have objected to it, but telling people you are deducting their salary to construct houses and yet they have home homes, it will not be accepted,” he said.

National Assembly speaker Mr Moses Wetangula warned the Azimio la Umoja leadership that it will not be easy for them to collect 10M signatures.

According to him, after the 2017 elections, they tried collecting 2M signatures from Kenyans unsuccessfully.

“When we were in cord, we tried to collect 2M signatures but we were unable and now those I was with in 2017 are looking to collect 10M signatures.

Do you think they will manage? We convinced ourselves that we had collected enough signatures but during verification it was realized that some people drew funny images instead of signatures, making it difficult to collect 2M signatures,” he said.

The Ford Kenya party leader, who was the chief guest during the Western Kenya Members of Parliament Caucus fundraising, called on Azimio leadership to work closely with the Kenya Kwanza government for the betterment of the country.

“Elections will come in 2027. What we need to do is to unite and develop the country. If you ever want to be the president of Kenya, do to the president in the office what you will want to be done to you when your time comes,” he said.

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