Kenyans living along the coastal strip have been called upon to take the lead in preserving mangrove forests as a crucial measure to mitigate the effects of climate change. 

Jomvu MP Badi Twalib emphasized the importance of coastal residents, particularly those whose livelihoods depend on the ocean, in championing climate change resilience through the conservation of mangroves.

Highlighting the significance of mangroves in the region, Twalib stressed that their protection is essential for sustaining the local ecosystem and safeguarding against the increasingly tangible impacts of climate change.

 “It is important for residents, especially those depending on the ocean for their economic activities, to be climate change champions by ensuring that mangroves are protected from disruption,” Twalib stated.

Mangrove forests play a critical role in coastal areas, providing a habitat for diverse marine life, protecting against erosion, and serving as a carbon sink. However, these vital ecosystems are under threat from human activities, including deforestation and urban development.

Local communities, environmental organizations, and government authorities are being urged to collaborate in efforts to protect and restore mangrove habitats. The call to action comes as part of a broader initiative to raise awareness about the importance of mangroves and to mobilize support for their conservation.

In response to the appeal, residents and environmental advocates have expressed their commitment to safeguarding mangroves and have called for increased support and resources to enable effective conservation measures.

 “The health of our mangroves is crucial for the well-being of our communities and the resilience of our coastal environment. We stand ready to work together to ensure their protection,” said a representative from a local environmental group.

The conservation of mangroves is not only a local concern but also a global imperative, as these ecosystems play a significant role in mitigating climate change and supporting biodiversity.

As the call for action gains momentum, stakeholders are set to engage in collaborative efforts to develop and implement strategies for the sustainable management of mangrove forests along the Kenyan coast.