In a shocking turn of events, Justice Chacha Mwita declares Kenyan Police deployment to Haiti unconstitutional, sparking distress among the war-torn nation’s residents.

Overwhelmed radio stations are flooded with anxious calls as callers express worries about escalating conflicts. Gang dominance in 80% of Port-Au-Prince over the past year intensifies fears of a complete takeover.

Justice Mwita’s ruling cited limitations on the National Security Council’s authority to deploy outside Kenya. He emphasized adherence to the NPS Act and the absence of reciprocal arrangements with Haiti, prohibiting police deployment.

Foreign Affairs PS Sing’oei disagrees with the ruling, arguing against the exclusion of police as a force. The case originated from Thirdway Alliance Party leader Ekuru Aukot’s challenge to President Ruto’s planned deployment of 1,000 police officers, deemed illegal.

Global media reports highlight escalating attacks with gangs seizing control, raising concerns about multiple crises in Haiti.