Addressing women village elders in a sensitization program in Busia Ms Rosemary Juma, the programs manager at Kenya women in Parliament Association (KEWOPA) there is need for the community to drum up support for women in leadership to achieve a third-gender rule in leadership.

“We are here at the invite of Teso South member of National Parliament Ms Mary Emase and Busia woman representative Ms Catherine Omanyo to discuss issues related to leadership in the country,”said Ms Juma.

“We realised that the third gender principle is a matter that is not well understood not just at the county level but also at the national level and that is why we thought we talk to village elders on why it is important to pass this bill tabled by senator Ms Beth Siengo.”

According to her, there are only 102 women leaders in both national and senate assemblies in Kenya, the population she says is not enough.

“We need to increase women leaders in the country. Currently, we only have 102 women leaders in both the national and the senate levels, which makes it hard in addressing third-gender rule. We feel like even as we wait for the bill to be tabled, we sensitize the community so they are aware of what it contains,” she said

She further noted that most women in leadership are disadvantaged because of a lack of resources to fund their campaigns.

“We have learnt that financial resources is one of the biggest barriers women face when seeking elective positions. Most of them lack financial muscles to campaigns,” she said

She added, “Political parties support to women is also important in helping their accent to power. If we get support from various political parties at the grassroots level we will have more women in leadership.”

She said that there is a need for males to take part in supporting women to climb to leadership adding that as an association they will move with men to realize their goals.

“We will be engaging the community on civic education forums where male champions at the village are involved and we know with males on board we will get more women in leadership,” she noted

Ms Jackline Ng’ang’a from Kewopa, concurred with her, saying that they are focussing on the community to embrace women’s leadership.

“We are focussing on the community to work with women to make sure that the society and community at large embraces women leadership,” she said

She dismissed the narrative that women are their own enemy adding that women have realised the importance of voting for their fellow women in various capacities in the community.

“These women are here in support of their fellow women in leadership. Women are always holding each other various positions in churches, in Parliament as well at Nyumba Kumi level,” she said

Ms Christine Nabwire a village elder from Lwanya in the Matayos sub county noted that there is a need for women to venture into political leadership.

“Women won’t remain behind forever. There are other positions as women we can venture into but without support from the community we may not get there,” she said

Mr Lambert Ogochi, representing the office of Busia woman representative admitted that women’s leadership is clear without a lot of dent.

“It is clear that women Leadership is straight toward and that is the reason I am appealing to men to support women to take this country far,” he said

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