Barely a week after Senator Boni Khalwale’s Shamba boy was killed by his fighter bull in what has been termed by the senator as an accident, Toto Shimanyula has come out to accuse Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale of the murder.

In his statement, the politician said that Khalwale murdered his Shamba boy, citing that the Killer Bull was a cover-up story.
According to the politician, Khalwale’s account of events of the Senator washing the deceased’s body is a sign of attempting to tamper with evidence.
The Politician stated in a video that has been circulated on various platforms, ”Khalwale himself killed his employee then washed the dead body,” said Toto.
He has requested the police to intervene quickly and put Khalwale behind bars so that further investigations can begin.
“We are asking the police to possibly put the senator behind bars so that he can be charged with murder case,” he said.
He added that he will ensure that the corpse undergoes post moterm which will reveal the main cause of his death.
“We are going to ensure that the body undergoes a post-mortem even if I am not a qualified post-mortem personnel, am sure they the employee was stabbed and not gored by the bull,” he added.
Earlier, Khalwale had alleged that the shamba boy must have been drunk and smelling molasses which provoked the bull who ended up hitting him on the neck.
Khalwale said that the bulls are usually fed on Molasses and can angrily react at the smell of such scent
On Saturday, The senator issued a statement mourning his caretaker, highlighting that as tradition provides, he had to slaughter his Champion bull.
Khalwale stated,” My champion bull, Inasio, has attacked and instantly killed Kizito Moi Amukune. Moi has been the caretaker of my fighter bulls for over 20 years”.
According to Luhya culture, in a case where a bull has killed someone, the bull has to be put in the field and killed by men to prevent any further bad spirits.
“In keeping with our culture, I have today speared bull Inasio to death, Inasio meets his end by the force of my Spear.” Khalwale said.
The Senator had already met with the deceased family to help in the arrangements of the deceased final farewell.