Kilifi governor Amason Kingi has come under sharp criticism from other leaders in the county for failing to turn around the fortunes of the county.

The leaders who include four sitting MPs and three governor aspirants wondered why the county is still plagued by many challenges despite receiving close to Ksh 80 billion in the last ten years.

MPs William Kamoti (Rabai), Ken Chonga (Kilifi South), Paul Katana (Kaloleni) and Teddy Mwambire (Ganze) led the onslaught against Kingi.

Speaking in Kaloleni during the burial of Mary Kahunda, step mother to Kaloleni MP Paul Katana the leaders urged Kingi to explain to the Kilifi residents how the billions were utilized.

“Kilifi has received over Ksh 70 billion but there is nothing to show for it. All county roads are impassable. Hospitals have no medical supplies. Water is still a problem in all corners of the county. This is shameful. Kingi has failed and he should just feel ashamed and retire in peace,” said Kamoti

Chonga said it was disgusting that after his failed leadership Kingi is blaming the ODM party for his failures.

The Kilifi south MP who was recently appointed as the ODM deputy national organizing secretary said Kingi is the only coast leader who has benefited more from ODM.

“Kingi was the Magarini MP for five years’ courtesy of ODM. He has served as the Kilifi governor for two terms through ODM. While MP he served in various ministries as a minister through the party but he is now here claiming the county underperformed because of supporting ODM. Political parties do not lead, leaders do,” said Chonga

He further said the county never missed its disbursement of funds from the national government because the governor was in ODM.

“If you did not deliver it is you and your team not the party. Parties do not build roads,” he added

In his party Katana said Kingi is trying to remain in power by imposing leaders to the Kilifi people.

Katana said the line up in Kingi’s Pamoja African Alliance(PAA) party demonstrates the motive behind the formation of the party.

“If you look at the governor candidate for the PAA party, he is an advocate who has been doing business with the county and he has signed many deals that have sunk the county into trouble. The senator aspirant for the party was the chief officer for finance and the Ganze parliamentary aspirant was in charge of roads and water. While in charge of these dockets people suffered in Kilifi. The issue of kickbacks was the order of the day,” he said

He said corruption led to under-development of the county. He called on the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate the governor.

“I still wonder why Kingi is still supporting the same Raila Odinga he is castigating so much. Let him carry his cross and answer to the Kilifians on why the county is still in a sorry state while only the lives of his staff has improved,” said Katana

Mwambire faulted Kingi for failing to consult other leaders in his leadership.

He accused the governor for coercing people to support his party.

“Right now all suppliers who are not supporting PAA are not being paid. The same thing is happening to all the MCAs who are not supporting him. All projects funds in their wards have been withheld,” said Mwambire

Out of the seven elected MPs in Kilifi County, only the Magarini MP Michael Kingi who is the governor’s brother is supporting PAA.

Kilifi deputy governor Gideon Saburi admitted that the Kingi government has failed to meet the expectation of the electorate but said he will not be dwelling on the failures as he was part of the team.

“Whatever these MPs have said is very true. If I spill the beans here I will be mocking myself too because I am his deputy. Because of the ills meted on the Kilifi people by this government we have come up with a liberation movement dubbed azimio la mageuzi. We want to make sure we elect a governor who has the people of Kilifi at heart,” said Saburi.

Saburi is eyeing the Kilifi governorship.

Similar sentiments were aired by Gideon Munga’ro and Baha Nguma who are both eyeing the seat.

Nguma served as the chief officer for Agriculture and health departments.

By Treeza Auma

Treeza Auma is a Digital Content Producer and founder of KTMN She is also Television journalist at Kenya News Agency and Leadership Accelerator at Women in News.

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