Kilifi residents queue for food donations from Direct Aid International. PHOTO: Ali Chiriba,KTMN

More than 2,500 people from poor families at Kibarani area in Kilifi county have benefitted from free food donations after an Islamic Organization cushioned them from the impact of ravaging hunger in the week of marking Eid-Al Adha.

As the country battles a high rise in the cost of living, Direct Aid International slaughtered 95 cows and 60 goats for families grappling harsh economic situation with some unable to put food on their tables.

The communities converged at Kibarani Children Home to receive the food hampers where most lamented high prices of commodities.

Direct Aid International Kilifi branch manager, Abdulrahman Sheikh Ahmed packaging some of the meat donations at Kibarani Children Home in Kilifi. PHOTO: Ali Chiriba,KTMN

Shiza Farah lauded the organization saying that most families in the areas hardly have any source of livelihood hence making it hard to even afford daily bread.

“We thank Direct Aid for coming to our aid at this time when the economy is tough, our husbands can no longer provide for us and our children because they don’t have jobs. It is very tough but at least today we are going to eat a nice meal.”

Shiza Farah

“Even though it is raining after the prolonged drought, it is still very difficult for us to afford meals because of high prices of items. Today, this is such a relief”, she added.

Salma Mohammed, a resident of Kibarani said that her family is facing problems and that’s why she showed up to benefit from the food donations.

Salma said that the tough economy has contributed to the biting hunger amongst most families in the region.

Boys slaughter goats which were part of the donations from Direct Aid. PHOTO: Ali Chiriba,KTMN

The organization’s manager in Kilifi county, Abdulrahman Sheikh Ahmed, said that the organization is motivated by helping both Muslims and non-Muslims to ensure that humanity is promoted in all standards of living.

According to Sheikh Ahmed, this is an annual celebration done across the globe to share happiness amongst people especially those from poor households.

“This was not only meant for Muslims alone but for everyone. We have done it here in Kibarani and also extended to Malindi, Chakama and Shakahola with a motive of restoring humanity within mankind”, he said.

By Treeza Auma

Treeza Auma is a Digital Content Producer and founder of KTMN She is also Television journalist at Kenya News Agency and Leadership Accelerator at Women in News.

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