The newly elected Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) chairperson for the Migori Chapter Peter Orimbo has called on business operators in the county to join the chamber.

Orimbo was elected by Migori chapter members at the Maranatha Faith Assembly headquarters in Migori under the watch of the Independent Election Board (IEB).

Speaking after his victory, Orimbo promised to make major transformations, especially by increasing the membership of the organization in the County.

In Migori County KNNCI has only 73 registered members out of over a thousand business operators.

“This election marks the beginning of the positive transformations to business people in our county and I believe that within the next three years, we will have grown the membership,” said Orimbo.


KNCCI is a dependable intermediary organization between the government, business and the general public in a bid to foster good relations that allow trade to prosper.

It promotes, coordinates and protects the commercial and industrial interests of its members and Kenya in general apart from promoting trade within and outside Kenya.

The organization establishes and organizes finance trade and exhibitions and displays either on its own or in participation with other persons or organizations.

Fostering social unity and promoting the welfare of the commercial and industrial community.

By arbitration, it solves the commercial and industrial disputes among the members and the government to ensure a conducive coexistence.

Promoting, supporting or opposing the ineffective bureaucratic legislation by the government for the interest of its members.

Networked operations

While its headquarters is based in Nairobi, the organization has its coordinated branches at the county level to help coordinate the commercial services to its members at the grassroots.

In Migori County, Orimbo said to use diplomatic strategies to help raise active membership from the current 73 to a thousand significant members from known businesses.

“We shall work together with the business community to register them and also to ensure that they participate in the membership activities,” he said.

The election at the Migori chapter is expected to boost the services of the chamber to the business community owing to his wealth of experience.

Orimbo said he is not new to the tasks awaiting him in office as he has had an experience in commerce both as a member and a leader.

Apart from having been a member of the commerce for the last 32 years, he has once served as the vice chairperson of the commerce in Migori.

As the new patron, he has promised to deal with the frustrations that the business community in the county have been undergoing by advocating for their rights.

This will be a coordinated move and a combined effort with the County government of Migori to make a conducive environment for the business community.

“As the patron, I will be an advocate and a defender of the rights of the business community. I promise to coordinate with the county government to support us in every legal activity,” he added.

Membership Benefits

Being a member of the chamber comes with a number of benefits some of which involve protection from exploitation by the bureaucratic government policies.

Paul Kariuki from IEB who commissioned the election of Migori chapter officials encouraged the officials to enforce strategies that will increase the membership.

Kariuki tasked the leaders with advocacy roles as well as developing favourable policies for the members, engaging team players to promote favourable environments.

He criticized the hostile environment which he attributed to the low membership, especially in Migori County.

“ It is, therefore, your duty as the new leaders to ensure that you engage all team players as well as set a favourable environment for the growth of chamber membership in this county,” said Kariuki.

On the other hand, Paul Ouma, the regional director of the chamber in Nyanza hoped that the new leadership will bridge the gap with the national government.

Migori County members of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce

As an intermediary organization for the government and the business community, Ouma encouraged the new leaders to lobby, advocate and bridge the business community and the County government.

As a connection of the business community to the government, he encouraged the leaders to organize meetings and exhibitions that will ensure that more members register.

“In my own thought, I have no doubt that these great leaders here will do everything required of them to make business better in this region,” he added.

Strategic Position.

In terms of business, Migori County is better placed to conduct both local and international trade owing to its border with Tanzania.

Using this as a strategy for boosting the revenue for growth, the regional director encouraged the leaders to remain the fastest-growing town in Nyanza.

“Migori is strategically placed as it borders two biggest countries in East Africa, Kenya and Tanzania. This, therefore, should be exploited by the leaders to the advantage of members,” he said.

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