Kuria Men have come out to join the fight against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Speaking after a three day Men End FGM training Programme at Isebania Town, the group resolved that they will ensure no new cut is witnessed moving forward.

Led by Head of Programme Men End FGM Foundation Mr. Peter Kemei said that men are the head of the homesteads and their voice was crucial in ending FGM. He noted that men are leaders and should act as role models in the fight against FGM through championing the same at their local barazas.

Kemei noted that President Uhuru had done so much to ensure that the vice is ended by 2022. He noted that the head of state commitment is to ensure that there are no new cases of FGM this year.

The official pointed out that grassroots organizations and partners of Anti FGM are doing their best by incorporating men in the fight against the vice.

“If men decided that they do not want their girls to undergo the cut nobody will dare go against their wises. And that is why we have started Men End FGM to help us fight from the front rather than taking the fight from the back,” stated Kemei.

He noted that Kuria men are well respected by society making it an important aspect in terms of training men on how they can pass the Anti FGM information to the rest of the society.

The official affirmed that they wanted to ensure that the degree issued by the President of ending FGM is adhered too. Kemei also added that the trained Kura men had assured the organizers that they will do everything possible to ensure that no new FGM cases are reported this March.

Assistant County Commissioner for Kuria West Mr. Rufus Kihara noted that the Men End FGM Programme was a noble idea in the fight against the vice. He noted that men are the heads in society and their fight against FGM and any other bad vice was most valued. Kihara affirmed that men should be ambassadors in championing the rights of their women and girls.

The administrator underscored the fact it was only Kuria men who can be able to erase any bad culture and tradition that is harmful to their society. He, however, asked the men to ensure the programme is well monitored and evaluated to make it effective in ending FGM. Kihara said that noble programmes are always formulated but they are never implemented because of a lack of goodwill.

Likewise, Programme Coordinator of Lake Region Development Mr. Peter Shikuku said that girls’ rights must be protected and respected at whatever cost. He noted that men are the heads of their homesteads and should ensure that they protect their girls against FGM. The official claimed that men are the gatekeepers of the community and if they say no to the cut then the vice will cease to exist.

Hel added that together with other Anti FGM partners they have asked the trained Men End FGM campaigners to ensure that they pass the information in their barazas and homesteads in order to eradicate the vice. Shikuku said that Kuria men should own up and say no to FGM because they are well respected among their community members.

Shikuku emphasised that it was against the law to practice FGM while at the same time it is a criminal offence to neglect your responsibilities as a parent in protecting the welfare of your child. He added that the community will only adhere to voices of condemning FGM from their community members as opposed to members from outside.

“Let the Kuria men and elders help us in the fight against FGM because they are the members of the same society. We are trying to ensure that our girls are not subjected to the same when they close schools this March”, concluded Shikuku.

The three-day training brought together Kuria men from local administration, religious leaders, teachers, medical practitioners and traditional clan elders. The Kuria Men were also awarded participation certificates as a means to motivate them for the Anti FGM course.

By Treeza Auma

Treeza Auma is a Digital Content Producer and founder of https://www.ktmn.co.ke KTMN She is also Television journalist at Kenya News Agency and Leadership Accelerator at Women in News.

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