Former aspirant for Uriri sub county parliamentary seat Mr. Jared Kwaga has applauded the residents of Migori County for displaying mature democracy during President William Ruto’s visit in Migori County.

The ICT expert who lost the parliamentary seat to Mark Nyamita said that the president’s visit in the county shows how committed he is to serve the people of despite the political belongings.

“The president has taken his time to visit the region despite getting meagre percentage of votes. With his visit, he commissioned several development projects and that shows how committed he is to serve this country despite this region not being his political backyard.” Mr. Said.

Mr. Kwaga said that the massive welcoming of president Ruto in Uriri sub county on March 25, 2023 is a clear indicator of political maturity among the residents that should be emulated by every law abiding Kenyan.

Mr Kwaga who was speaking at his residential home in Chamkombe, Suna East Sub County, he said that no server was left unopened and that the next general elections will be held in 2027.

He acknowledged that Mr. William Ruto is the sitting president and that nothing can change, urging those who are not satisfied enough that the portal for the August poll results are still open and accessible at the comfort of one’s sitting room.

“As an ICT expert, I want to assure gullible Kenyans that this thing was long gone and there is nothing that can change.

There was no server left unopened and that the ups and downs we witness in Kenya today are wastage of time.” Said Mr. Kwaga.

Mr. Kwaga called upon the residents to maintain the democracy adding that it is the right of every Kenyan to be heard and the decision to welcome the warm welcoming of the president in the region was a big score.

“I wish that the level of democracy that has been showcased today can even be replicated in other parts of Kenya, to allow every leader to be heard regardless of the residents’ political inclination.” Added Mr. Kwaga.

While giving an analysis of the president’s visit, Mr. Kwaga cautioned the concerned officers to fast track the progress of the projects to ensure that the residents can enjoy the impact of their existence.

The politician however trashed the ongoing demonstrations in the country following the call of opposition leadership headed by the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

He referred to Migori town which has been the hotspot for violent demonstrations, calling upon the residents to find another way of demonstrating if they wish to continue demonstrating.

He referred to the South Africans who also went on streets on March 20, 2023 to show their discontentment in the current government, a same situation back in the country.

“It is coincidental that the South Africans also went to streets the same day as Kenyans. I didn’t witness cases of looting properties, burning the streets or throwing stones or distorting the travelers like bandits.”

He advised the youth in the region to shun the hooliganisms if they have to demonstrate and focus on income generating activities, and more importantly, assess the benefits of the usual demonstrations to a common citizen who does not earn any salary.

“Let us all reason together as youths, what we benefit from all the demonstrations that we are sent to engage in while our leaders will use them as an excuse of not fulfilling their promises to us” Mr. Kwaga advised.

The politician called upon his counterparts holding the offices to rather focus on working with the president for the sake of developing and transforming the lives of their constituents instead of listening to the alleged threats.

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