Suna West Member of Parliament has criticized the move by Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) to increase the fuel prices calling it a move that will overburden Kenyans.

Speaking during the launch of NCBA Bank, Migori branch in Migori town, the legislator has told the Kenya Kwanza administration to reconsider the economic rejuvenation strategy.

“I want to tell the government that taking this direction will cause more harm than good to the overall economy of this nation. We are not going to achieve anything,” he said.

The member of parliamentary budget committee called on the government to consider a proposal to introduce fuel subsidy so as to cushion the common citizen from the high fuel prices.

“As a member of the budget committee in the National Assembly, this I believe this is the right time to ensure that the proposed fuel subsidy is implemented so as to cushion the citizens,” he said.

Masara said that sooner, the new fuel prices that EPRA has enforced will make transport become hectic for Kenyans in the low social class making them to go back to the traditional means of transport.

The second-time MP asked President William Ruto and the Transport Cabinet Secretary, Kipchumba Murkomen to go back to the manifestos to get a guide which they seem to be acting contrary to.

“We refer President Ruto to the campaign manifestos. We have clear clips of him criticizing the handshake government for high fuel prices. What do they lack for them to do as they promised,” he said.

His remarks follows Trade CS Moses Kuria’s utterances in support of the increased prices, saying it is an upward trajectory further advising Kenyans to expect a monthly increase of at least ksh10 per month.

“Global Crude Prices are an upward trajectory. For planning purposes, expect pump prices to go up by ksh10 every month till February, 2024.

His counterpart for Energy Davis Chirchir on the other hand has advised Kenyans to go harder as the prices of fuel may continue rising, adding that there is no option for the citizens.

“There is nothing we can do. I wish it was still possible to subsidize. The pain is very heavy and it is not going to be easy,” said Chirichir.

The revised fuel prices, which were enforced on September 15, 2023, has increased the Super Petrol by 16.96%, Diesel prices by 21.32% and Kerosene 33.13%.

According to the changes, the cost per Litre will be sh211.63 for Super Petrol, Shs200.99 for Diesel and Sh202.61 foe Kerosene.

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