President William Ruto congratulates Mr Syengo on his appointment as a board member of Directors for Postal Corporation

Fredrick Syengo former Migori UDA coordinator has been appointed as a member of Kenya Postal Corporation Board of Directors, a position he will now hold for three years.

Syengo’s appointment by Eliud Owalo, the Cabinet Secretary for Information, Communications and Digital Economy will be crucial in steering the digital transformations in the Ministry, owing to his expertise.

The former UDA party coordinator has risen a step up the ladder, especially after playing critical role in Kenya Kwanza’s grassroots politics in the county.

Before his appointment, Syengo coordinated the UDA party activities in Migori County, especially the mass recruitment of Migori residents into UDA, with the most recent one being held in Awendo Sub-County.

Speaking after his appointment, he thanked President William Ruto for keeping his promise of job creation for Kenyan youths, him being an example.

“I want to immensely thank the President and the team around him for keeping the promise to make me a living testimony of job creation to the youth,” he said.

He added noted that his vision is to steer the Postal Corporation to resonate with the government’s vision of innovation and inclusion as key drives for the postal and courier services.

Syengo reiterated that the future of the Postal Corporation greatly depends on the ability to innovate and create new services which he is committed to, to see that the corporation remains relevant to Kenyans.

The former UDA coordinator stressed fostering teamwork among the board members to embrace the corporation’s capacity to transfer its trusted brands into the digital space.

“I am delighted to say that with the coordination among the members, we will work to give the corporation the glory that it deserves,” he added.

Syengo’s commitment is to hit the ground running while setting a pace for the corporation by ensuring accountability in the said corporation.

He added that new members of the Board of Directors aim to set strategic direction and oversight to ensure the corporation remains committed to achieving its goals.

“As members, we shall develop policies and procedures to ensure that the corporation follows procedures and all the applicable rules and regulations,” Syengo said.

Since its inception, Postal Corporation has been a key sector in Kenya by enhancing communication strategies and providing alternative ways of exchanging information.

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