National Government administrators in Malindi Sub County have benefitted from a donation of 21 motorcycles to ease their mobility while carrying out administrative duties.

Malindi MP Amina Mnyazi handed over the motorcycles to 21 chiefs and promised to construct modern offices for them through the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NGCDF)

Ms Mnyazi directed NGCDF officers in Malindi to conduct a field visit to all Chiefs and assistant chiefs administrative areas in her constituency so that they can plan how to start constructing the modern structures where necessary.

The 21 motorcycles were acquired by the NGCDF at the tail end of the reign of Aisha Jumwa who is the current Cabinet Secretary for Public Service.

“There have been many requests from NGAO through our NGCDF offices requesting for construction of offices, purchase of vehicles and other requirements and that is why I have directed my team to go around the constituency and come up with a report within two weeks so that we can plan where to start,” she said.

She said that once the report is out, she will set aside funds for the construction of three chief’s offices every financial year.

“We thought by giving the Chiefs motorcycles it will make their work easier in their day-to-day operations so that the insecurity being witnessed can be sorted out,” she said.

Malindi Towan Location Chief Mohamed Nyiro said that the motorcycles will help them work swiftly and efficiently in discharging service delivery to residents.

“Our area is vast and there are instances where you are needed at the furthest end but there is no transport provision and this makes work difficult but with the motorcycles, we are going to perform well,” he said.

The only problem remaining, he said, was to get offices as very few chiefs have offices in Malindi Sub County.

Mr Famau Mohamed who is the Chairman of the Maarufu Anti-Drug Project in Kilifi County said that the sub-county is vast and requires such facilities to enable them to move to different areas.

“Malindi has challenges of insecurity, in the town and its environs there are very many cases of criminal activities that are a threat but with such transport for the chiefs their work will be easier in responding,” he said.
Sheikh Yusuf Shosi, an Imam at Jamia Mosque in Malindi, said that the motorcycles for the chiefs will enable them to respond to any emergencies adding that previously residents in distress had been forced to mobilize funds and resources to facilitate the movement of chiefs and their assistants.

By Treeza Auma

Treeza Auma is a Digital Content Producer and founder of KTMN She is also Television journalist at Kenya News Agency and Leadership Accelerator at Women in News.

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