By Okong’o Oduya

Men have been urged to take part in issues related to menstrual health among women and girls.

Busia county executive committee member in charge of health department Ms Beatrice Nakholi, for many years men have taken a step back in menstrual issues.

Addressing media in her office Ms Nakholi noted that fathers should start involving themselves in purchasing menstrual kits for their girls.

“We are all aware that most fathers do not take part in this kind of discussion. They not even involved in purchasing nor even know when the girls start their menses,” she said

According to her most of girls in Busia are forced to go extra miles to get themselves sanitary towels which at times get them in danger.

“We have realized that some girls in Busia are forced to go look for the pads which has been attributed to early pregnancies among girls in Busia. When you talk to the girls they say when their fathers are not involved in discussing issues of menstrual and purchasing pads for them, they will look for them elsewhere,” she noted

She believed that there is need for men to come out of taboo related to menstrual hygiene and stop making it a girl and a woman issue.

“We are all aware that this has been a taboo in discussing menstrual issues in many African setups. You will find that most fathers don’t take part in this discussion nor they don’t even know when the girls start their menses nor involved in purchasing the towels,” she said

Busia County is expected to host World Menstrual Hygiene day on 30th May at Busia Stadium with this year’s theme being committed to break the Silence.

Busia governor Dr Paul Otuoma is the menstrual hygiene ambassador for the Lake region Economic Bloc (LREB)

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