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Migori County’s environmental team has initiated a tree planting program in line with the national government’s vision of creating a forest cover.

The tree planting exercise which was launched at Kanyawanga Boys’ Secondary School was headed by the County Director of Education, Jacob Onyiego to advocate for a greener surrounding.

Speaking during the launch of the program, Onyiego said that the tree planting program corresponds to the County’s forest cover target which is to plant six million new trees by the end of 2023.

“This noble exercise marks great progress towards the six million trees that we as a county have a target on before the end of this year, which contributes to the national forest cover,” he said.

Onyiego noted that the aim is to plant more than 30% of the trees, which will only be fruit trees planted at homes and institutions.

Inclusion of institutions in the exercise

He added that schools will be vital in planting the trees with the help of students to ensure that the target is reached before the year’s collapse, which is fast approaching.

He added that as a team, they have already slotted the time frame for the whole exercise with each sub-county targeting more than 510,000 trees.

“We have made a deliberate plan as a department to ensure that we move this noble agenda forward and set schedules for all the schools in Migori,” he noted.

The Director said that learners in the basic education stage will play an important role in tree planting, which targets more than 500,000 learners in the whole County.

He noted that planting fruit-bearing trees will not only be geared towards achieving forest cover but also a major step towards fighting hunger and ensuring food security.

Environmental ambassadors

He said this will be replicated even at homes when the schools are closed for holidays as the learners will be able to embrace tree planting spirit as one way to take care of the environment.

Onyiego highlighted the role of other stakeholders like the Ministry of Interior which will be at the forefront to mobilize the public to plant trees, especially during rainy seasons.

Jacob Mbogo, the Principal of Kanyawanga Boys’ Secondary School said that the program will be key in propelling the students’ vision to ensure a green cover.

He thanked the organizers for ensuring that institutions are included in the plan to achieve the forest cover, noting that this plan has been long overdue.

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